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Joined: 2010 Nov 19
NO uploads please, that don´t match the "ten years after" rule.

Folks, I do see the fact that time flies and Apple abandoned Software faster than we can get used to it.
Still, please lets follow the ten year rule, especially for software still being sold.
I did unpublish a page with OSX 10.6.4 as this is clearly not ten years old.
Thanks for your understanding.


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Joined: 2020 Dec 16

Ok, CS5.5 was made in 2011 so it will be on here 2021

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Joined: 2020 May 13

what about 5.0

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Joined: 2011 Jul 21

Please explain why "10 Years" was selected by whomever rather than say "5 Years".


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Joined: 2019 Nov 1

It's a gentlemen's agreement with abandonware in general with the decade rule.

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Joined: 2010 Oct 3

I can't say I know for sure, but to me it is a reasonable guess at a length of time after which software will no longer be sold or supported by the developer. 5 years would be to short, at that point a lot of software is still being supported by the developer.

Personally I always add "and is no longer actively sold or supported by the developer" to the 10 year rule as as 10 years is not always long enough for the product to be abandoned by the developer (e.g this time last year windows 7 was still receiving updates form MS, despite being over 10 years old at that point)

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Joined: 2014 Aug 23

On the flip-side, some software is abandoned before 10 years has past. The latest example being Adobe abandoning Flash Player at the end of this year and will reportedly be removed from Adobe's website, so technically even the very newest version released this month could, maybe even should*, be on here (it is free anyway).

* That would save people who wanted it getting caught by malware scams claiming to be Flash Player installers on other websites.

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Joined: 2018 Apr 16

I wonder if any archivist group archived every Flash version ever hosted on Adobe's website, all platforms considered. Considering the gargantuan amount of content created for Flash technology, I find such a task extremely relevant for any software archivist.

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Joined: 2020 Aug 1

A long, long time ago I briefly maintained the FAQ document for what most would consider an abandonware group. Here's what was listed under "SOFTWARE ALLOWED":

At least 10 or more years old.

The rules were already in place when I joined the group some years prior, and had apparently been agreed to by around 15-20 of the original members (none of whom were still around by the time I took over the FAQ). I tried to soften that rule some, but mostly got ignored.

(Note that this was more than 10 years ago. I no longer have access to that group, if it even still exists.)