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No Java on Netscape and iCab

I have installed Netscape 4.08 and iCab pre2.99 on Basilisk II running OS 8.1. However, I cannot enable the Java. Any help would be appreciated.


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Have you installed Macintosh Java Runtime? This usually comes with the Mac OS install (maybe as an optional install?). The final Java SDK's that can run on 68k Mac are here, included with the SDK you can optionally install the Java RunTime only, if desired. - Your Basilisk II must run as a 68040 CPU'd Mac to run this.

(I'm not certain this was the final Java RunTime version for 68k Mac, only that it is the final Java SDK for 68k Mac).

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Sorry for the dumb question: are there still websites requiring java 1.2 ? While it's nice to have it in the browser, I think it is mostly useless. Netscape 4.08 itself is too old to be of any use: beside some "geocity-era" fan websites, it fails to render properly any "modern" (i.e. designed after 2010) website.