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New version of DOSBox 0.74, especially for Mac OS X

If you're using DOSBox 0.74 on Mac OS X, please hop to the DOSBox site and download DOSBox again.

See VOGONS/11th Hour crashes on startup dosbox 0.74 for details.
In this thread, Dominus wrote:

If you have downloaded dosbox 0.74 some time ago, please download it again as The OSX version was updated just over a week ago. On OS X 10.7 and above it crashed on going fullscreen because of an incompatibility of SDL with those OS X versions. Now that dosbox is compiled with a newer version of SDL it runs ok. If you use output=opengl it should be fine, too.

Tech stuff, taken from the Changelog file:

Special OS X Version
- built against SDL 1.2.15 which fixes going fullscreen on OS X 10.7 and newer
- includes the following DOSBox revisions:
- 3689: Fix startup detection of numlock and capslock.
- 3694: Update CALLBACK_Idle to use the callback offset. Fixes memory corruption.
- 3776: Fix bug 3477126. Don't put junk chars in the title bar. Mac OS X will crash on it
- 3777: Add cmd-q => exit for Mac OS X

It is codesigned for Mt. Lion as well. Smile


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We need a PPC Version that is optimized to get enough speed.

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here is better application that run DOS games on this website.

click on Full Release notes
All Boxer application for OS X
The new version is 1.4 for intel. That run on mac os x 10.6 and up.

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I love Boxer. It is based on Dosbox though, just with a user interface front-end.

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Dosbox on PPC is not able to make smooth scrolling on really old demosdemos. A G4 1,42Ghz ist not enough for that. 0.74 on 10.6.8 also is not able to make smooth scrollers on C2D 2Ghz 9400M. 0.72 can make smooth scrolling, but only in a window, not in fullscreen. But in window the sound stutters.

To me, Dosbox on mac is shit. All I want is no stuttering sound and smooth scrolling, but I do not get it that way. So I am by far better of with my 6100/66 with 486/66 then I get smooth scrolling (but a bit of picture in Lowres vga (0,4cm to the right)...but I can live with that.

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There is an attempt to build a dosbox-version with a much faster core for ppc, but this thing will perpahps not runing on my 10.3.9 setup. But I will not switch to tiger, I stay with panther.

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I have DOSbox set up on my HP all-in-one with Windows 10 and enjoy it. Hopefully they come up with a DOSbox version for the PPC that works just as well as my Windows version does. Gives me a reason to ask Santa Claus for a G3 for Chirstmas.

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Am I right in thinking on Vogons, that's a patch for compiling? Any chance you could share the compiled PPC exe as I don't have the set up to compile it?

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Would have been cool if they also compiled it for OS 9. Smile Though I don't know what dependencies would have to be addressed.