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New Mini vMac Alpha: April 2

There is a new alpha release of Mini vMac available:

Based on a development snapshot from late April that was described thusly:

"Today's Development source snapshot allows the power button to be used in the OS X version when in full screen mode, to put the (real) computer to sleep.

A problem with this, and the previous enabling of the force quit (command-option-escape), is that they bring up dialogs, which Mini vMac didn't notice and so the real cursor remained hidden. It turns out that requesting window focus events allows Mini vMac to notice when such a dialog has appeared, so that it can show the real cursor.

A previous fix, also in the OS X version, in the February 20 snapshot, involved registering for changes to the screen configuration. Upon receiving such notification, Mini vMac will now also turn off full screen mode if it is on, instead of just leaving the emulator window at a size that is now wrong.

The new autoscroll feature in full screen mode (in all versions) previously tried to keep the emulated mouse on the real screen and out of a border area. After using it a while, I think the border area was a mistake. So now it only scrolls upon reaching the edge of the real screen.

I've rearranged the Mini vMac about page (Control-A) a bit to make room for another idea I have for the variations. It no longer displays which the computer is being emulated. That can be inferred from the variation number.

I've fixed a problem with the previous snapshot, where toggling full screen or magnify mode would turn off control mode."