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Networking 2 Macs

I have a friend who has a Macbook Pro running OS X (snow leopard). She just acquired a G5 set up as a disk farm (running Leopard).

I figured that simply attaching an ethernet cable between the 2 machines would be enough to give her access to the drives on the disk farm from her laptop.

But that didn't work. The network setup process kept asking for a router address - which I took to mean that I needed to add a router to get a network established.

We didn't have a spare router so I gave up and said I would "ask around" for options.

So I'm asking. Can I establish a connection between the 2 machines with just an ethernet cable?



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You should be able to, you might need to find a crossed Ethernet cable (you shouldn't, both the macbook and G5 should be auto sensing)

You could try manually setting the macbook and g5 with a static ip in the same range and the same subnet mask

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I tried the static address route. But regardless of the setting (Manual, DHCP, etc.) the computers insisted on a router address. I put a bogus address in to satisfy the dialog but then the computers just said "No connection".


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use static adress and as a router use the ip of the other mac.
example g5 <--- this would be the router on the macbook/pro or whatever

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devils_advisor is correct. This is how I network extra PC's and devices in my room. It seems to work for everything. I also disable ipv6 (or set to link-local only) on OSX.

Under Winblows, I set up an account with identical name and password to first machine, on second machine. Then there are no permission errors when navigating/copying. This may also be the case on Macs, but I doubt it.

PS. I have a direct cable connection, and I assume it is a crossover cable. You can also use the other private IP ranges 192.168.0.x, 192.168.1.x, 10.0.0.x

Best of luck!

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You can also use the wireless "create computer to computer network" option. This turns the hosting computer into a local router for the purpose of connecting the two machines). Just go under the airport icon and create a network.

This is what I do when I'm at a location with no wireless and I want to play a networked game with my kids.