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Joined: 2010 May 20
Networking Games

Can anyone recommend a way to network games, maybe even in OS X?
I use Appletalk via an airport.


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Finest multiplayer on the Mac.

Also, for 2-player only (over LAN only), you MUST try LAPD: FutureCop (not here anymore due to pathetic losers at EA).

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Joined: 2009 Jun 14

Myth TFL,
Myth II Soulblighter,
Age of Empires

Four of the best. Turn based may be better if you're using original Apple AirPort. (Any flavour of) AirPort is asynchronous data trandfer, meaning it can only either transmit or receive data at any moment in time, it can't do both. Ethernet can easily do both at the same time.

There must be a hundred or so others available here that make good networked games. Help narrow it down by stating what type of games you would like.

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Armor Alley is good. NetTrek too.
I heard once that Civ. II Gold is playable over as a netork game but I never tried it. That would be cool.

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I said a way to network games, like TCP/IP, and a relevant tutorial.
But while we're on the subject, I likes to do Warcraft II, Starcraft, Air Combat, Warcraft, Weekend Warrior, Spectre, and Age of Empires.
In order of about how often I play each.

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Civ Ii Gold, of course. But been there tried it, it's one of those turn-based games (Age of Empires isn't, it's real-time) where as a player you get immensely frustrated waiting 5 minutes or longer for your opposing player to move all their pieces.

A lot of the really early turn-based strategy games had a play-by-email facility built-in - I think Command HQ was one of them - where you would move your pieces and the game would email the opponent player with all the moves / battle results. The opposing players game would pick it up, play out the actions from the first player and let you play your turn, emailing the results back.

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Well, the games either support LAN / WAN network play or they don't. If it's not been written in by the developers / designers, it's not going to happen.

m68k games may support AppleTalk, PPC may support TCP/IP (a requirement for internet play) and maybe AppleTalk. Some unique games like Doom may support only IPX.

Tutorial ? That's why you bought a Mac, plug it in and away you go. If you want further help, read the instructions that came with the game. If you still need help, tell us what games you're having issues getting to work, which Macs you're using, which OS's they're using, how they're connected and a step by step of what you're doing and where it goes wrong. All we know so far is AppleTalk over AirPort.

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Diablo rules!

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Deadlock is good fun, alltho larger games tend to crash my iBook

Provided the two or more machines are fast enough, Gridz is also superb over appletalk.

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Star Wars Episode I: Pod Racer
Diablo II
Ghost Recon (OS X on MDD)
Command and Conquer
Rainbow Six
StarCraft ?
Silver ?
Dungeon Siege (OS X)
Summoner ?
Black and White ?
Fallout ?
Icewind Dale ?
Red Faction ?
Soldier of Fortune ?
Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds
Wipeout 2097 ?
Legion ?
Spartan ?
Neverwinter Nights ?
Star Wars Battlefront (OSX 10.3)

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Hi bertyboy,

Yep, StarCraft has a multiplayer mode & can be played over the web using Battle Net from Blizzard. However, it requires a licence number to work. Actually, the game is updated regularly with the "remastered" version. But, Mac versions 1.19 & 1.20 don't work, requiring Open GL drivers... I can say that this problem comes from Blizzard, as I have seen the same message on Windows with previous versions of StarCraft (recents versions are now working). So, what are doing the new programmers hired ?