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Need Stuffit Expander in a .sea.bin or .sea.hqx for OS 8.1

I've downloaded AppleWorks 5.0.4 and Stuffit Deluxe, but they're both in .sit files. The Garden needs to have the final 68K version of the Self Extracting Archive installer for Stuffit Expander.

It's a chicken and egg problem. You need Stuffit Expander to expand .sit files, but when Stuffit Expander is itself packed into a .sit file...

I found an old Stuffit Expander 4.something, just the main program file. It won't expand any .sit file I've tried.

IIRC, Stuffit 5.x will automatically replace lost resource forks on sit files, not that they need a resource fork.


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I can send you version 5.5 as a hqx file. Email me at

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I have uploaded StuffIt Expander 5.5 in MacBinary (I) format and in a disk image of an 800KB floppy disk (which is also mountable even on Macs without a floppy drive using the Disk Copy 6.x that is on the Mac OS 8.0 and later Mac OS CD-ROMs) at

StuffIt Expander 5.5 no longer needs to be on the page (in which it was uploaded there in StuffIt 5 format)