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Need help extracting games to run in vMac

I use Windows 7 as my operating system. I have downloaded several old Mac games from this website as Stuffit archives. I have tried both of the following: a) unstuffing the archives with my Windows 7 version of Stuffit, then using HFV Explorer to shift all of the files on to a .dsk file; b) using HFV Explorer to put the archives on to a .dsk file and then attempting to unstuff them using vMac.

When I unstuffed the archive using Windows, the files showed up on the vMac (as blank page icons) and when I tried to run them, it said 'the application is busy or missing'.

When I put the archive on a floppy disk image, the disk showed up on the vMac as did the archive ('Memory.sit' for example - and again, it showed up as a blank page icon), but I could not open it with Stuffit Expander - I mean, I opened Stuffit Expander, opened my floppy disk within Stuffit Expander, but the archive was not listed.

Am I doing something wrong, or is there an alternative method to installing these games so they will work?


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If unstuffing results in an .img file, all should work fine. Such .img files are Disk images which can simply be mounted by Disk Copy, preferably version 6.3. Or by dragging them onto the vMac window, which would be the easiest way.

Unstuffing in Windows is wrong, at all. Classic Mac files include a resource fork which Windows simply doesn't know and ignores. You've to move the Stuffit files untouched into the vMac environment (using HFV Explorer, if this application still works, even not updated for years now).

Inside of vMac, run Stuffit 4.x to unstuff the files. I hope the version available here comes as ready-to-use disk or cd image.