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Need Help With Emulation

I've given up trying to transfer software from modern iMac to my Mac SE, and am now looking to do emulation, but it is oh so complicated finding and extracting all the necessary files for MiniMac and the other emulators. Is there a place where I can download everything I need already set up?


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You could use 2 Iomega ZIP Drives (one USB for iMac, one SCSI for Mac SE).

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Isn't there a Mini vMac to go on this site? I thought so. It is not very complicated to get the things you need which are:

Mini vMac application (of course)
Macintosh Plus ROM
System 6.0.8 floppy image to boot from
A blank disk image to install your stuff on

You should be able to find all of these and get Mini vMac running in less than a hour.

E-Maculation is your friend:

If you're lucky you can always find some SCSI CD-ROM to transfer data to your SE, it's the other way that really is hard.

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COI/Chubby Bunny seems to be rather out of the box.

I think I already upped some MiniVMac stuff:
You will only have to install a suitable version of MiniVMac for your host.

Dont give up with the SE too soon, there sure is a way. What other computers do you own?

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It´s a lot easier if you download old B/W Mac files and extract them in a modern Mac with either OS 7 or 8, then transfer the already extracted software onto a Classic Mac SE

that always has worked for me