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Naming of the software pages


I hope I don't overstep... but if I may be so blunt to say:
Could there be a better way to name the pages for Mac related installation/restore media?

We have the Mac OS X for PPC (Mac OS 10) page. But then, we also have the Server versions each separate (as it should be): Mac OS X Server 10.0 (691-3209, 691-3046), Mac OS X Server 10.1, Mac OS X Server 10.2, Mac OS X Server 10.3, Mac OS X Server 10.4 and Mac OS X Server 10.5.

Even worse, the articles for the gray machine specific media aren't easy to find either. Examples are Mac OS 9.2.2 & 10.1.2 (iMac G4 (early 2002)), Mac OS 9.2.2 & X 10.3.2 (Power Mac G4 MDD 2003)...

And then we also have Mac OS X for Intel microprocessor, an article without content except checksums, and Apple original medias (DVD/CD/FD), which is just a list of known gray machine-specific media.

The issues:

  • How the pages are named, is different and looks chaotic. It doesn't follow a scheme or a logic of some kind.
  • Some pages are linked together (like Mac OS X Server), other are not.

My proposal:

  • Make a structure and have all Apple apps follow this structure, where possible.
  • Make a parent page for a product and link all known pages in that parent only.
  • Like all sub-pages to the parent only.
  • Make stub pages for products not yet available here (or never intended to be) with additional information, like checksums.

The result would be:

  • One Mac OS X page that doesn't contain a download, but that links to all known versions (including the gray machine-specific ones) of Mac OS X media/software/stub pages.
  • One Mac OS X Server page that does the same for the Server versions.
  • One Machine page that links to all available media for that machine.
  • Individual pages for every media set. E.g. 2Z691-4744-A and 691-4681-A (2003, "Install and Restore 1/2") would be one one page as "Software and Restore discs, Power Mac G4 MDD, Mac OS X 10.3" or so. Another page would do the same, for the same Power Mac G4 MDD, but with Mac OS X 10.3.2, i.e. 691-4872-A and 2Z691-4873-A (2004, "Install and Restore 1/2).

Thus, on the Mac OS X page I would find links to all versions, PowerPC or Intel, retail or machine-specific.

And on a Machine page I would find different versions (and different languages) to restore media for that machine, but again on individual pages.

The same would go for Mac OS Classic, which would link to System 1 to Mac OS 9.2.2, inclunding the machine-specific versions...

What do you think about that? Would this make sense at all?


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I do not have special powers over this site by any means, in case there's any confusion in my weighing in here.

Let me add, though. For a Windows abandonware site, there is a massive supply of PageMaker, AOL, Office, Acrobat, gaming and OS CDs to sort through, as well as a supply of old beta versions of multiple Microsoft products because Microsoft wasn't too picky about giving burned copies out to trusted partners. Being picky there is easy, because the supply of beige box PC software was massive, still is significant, and there's only a benefit to discriminating on quality.

Mac software is frequently low in supply, as the audience never came close to the DOS and Windows user base even in the good years of early desktop publishing. Apple has typically been a very secretive company, one that during the Steve Jobs years was happy to burn the past and leave it ignored. Consequently, there's also a low user base of volunteers with spare time willing to catalog and write up small print-quality blurbs about what made the software significant.

Raising the bar on Mac software means shutting out uploads of rare and hard to find software and discouraging contributors.

It's easy to ask for quality. Unfortunately, the demand for still-working Mac software far outstrips the limited supply. It will get worse as more retro collectors take up Macs for a hobby and buy up the hard copies for themselves. Anything that will discourage them from sharing will be a detriment to us all.

That's my two cents, and my understanding of why Macintosh Garden's approach differs from say WinWorld, BetaArchive, and the old Home of the Underdogs. Which were all different in interesting ways.

I'm playing a little devil's advocate here, as I'd like to see some pages cleaned up here, too, and that's why I'm putting in the work in some places. However, I realize some things about the world we operate in, and why this is easy to ask for but hard to do.

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I understand I think that is a good way to approach it. No one should be afraid to upload and name stuff the way they see fit.

The question would be how those who upload react if someone, say, a couple of very active members, would move, rename, restructure the page subsequently.

The larger an archive gets, the more it is important to have some structure in it.

Quite honestly I am a very infrequent visitor here, mainly because I don't have the time. But I like to contribute, which I did, with the limited stuff I gathered during my roughly 12 years being a secondary Mac user. And for that reason I am afraid to touch the work of others. How would they react if I'd move their uploads and pages around?!? That would make me seem rude and impertinent, wouldn't that be the impression?

I just wanted to get some feedback... Maybe I'm wrong, and I'm okay with being wrong.

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I just want to say that I have no problems with experienced Gardeners modifying pages/content I upload, but I’ll probably limit my modifications to other’s pages to adding comments suggesting modifications.

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Some pages (and there are quite a lot of them) could be named better, many could use a touch or two to update info / content. So, as registered members you should definately not be afraid to touch pages, especially if it's an improvement - go right ahead Smile

As far as operating systems go, along with updates, peripheral drivers etc go... there are plans to improve that as well. There's just a whole lot of work to be done.

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Personally, I've modified the title of a page from another creator & he was not really happy. So, he renamed his page. Ok, I'm not an admin, so I let it...

I wish you a happy new year, fogWraith & to all of the gardeners. Smile

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Some people easily get the feeling you stepped on their necktie. Smile
Don´t take that serious.
Best wishes from my side either.
My nephew posted the wish that things for us may only get worse slowly.
Good thought… Sick

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But this is not Wikipedia. Usually, we're open for suggestions.