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Joined: 2010 Mar 17
Mystery Box / Theorist available anywhere?

I remember playing Mystery Box by Keith Lambert in the early 90s. Awesome little game. Here's the description (quite similar to Blackbox):

There are tons of old B&W Mac games around but for some reason no luck finding this one anywhere on the web. Would anybody have it on one of their old floppy by any chance or know of a link to download it from?

Second, I'm looking for the symbolic and graphic math software Theorist from the late 80s. I have a version that I used on my Quadra back then but now I'd like to find versions 1.0/1.1 that could run on a Mac Plus (68000 only, 1MB RAM only and without FPU...):

Same question, does anyone know if it's available anywhere?
Thanks for the tips.


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Mystery Box should be do-able, I must have about 8 or 9 copies on cover cds / floppy disk image. I used to play it a lot too. I'll hunt it down after breakfast, unless someone else beats me to it.

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Joined: 2010 Mar 17

I finally found Mystery Box at the location below along with plenty of other B&W goodies. Most of it is already posted here, but not all. Definitely worth a look. --> Games link --> disk image Games #7

Now, second part of my quest, the no-FPU version of the math program Theorist ...

By the way, has anyone gotten software from Motohiko Narita from the "The Vintage Mac Museum" website? His list is extensive but the titles -- pretty much all abandonware -- are not available for download.