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Myst being developed into a TV & film franchise

Myst game being developed into film & TV universe by Village Roadshow
Myst, the classic adventure puzzle video game, will be developed into a multiplatform universe for film and television by Village Roadshow Entertainment Group, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed.

The franchise features a deep canon spanning thousands of years of mythology and history, though the primary saga follows Atrus, the grandson of a woman named Anna who sets off a momentous series of events when she discovers a mysterious civilization, the D’ni, in a cavern deep beneath the New Mexico desert. The D’ni possess a unique ability to pen books that connect distant worlds, which serves as the catalyst for the Myst games and novels.

Myst co-creators and brothers Rand and Ryan Miller will work alongside Village Roadshow to create and produce their upcoming projects. Delve Media’s Isaac Testerman and Yale Rice will also collaborate. The TV projects will include both scripted and unscripted series.

Village Roadshow acquired the movie and TV rights to the video game, which initially released in 1993 by Cyan Productions and has sold over 15 million copies worldwide. The Miller brothers co-founded Cyan Productions in 1987. The video game franchise includes nearly 10 titles, and have also been adapted into novels by publisher Hyperion.



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"unscripted series" likely means silly 'reality TV' shows like Survivor, with fools running around trying to solve Myst-like puzzles ... no thanks, I pass. Sad

The scripted shows may or may not be better.

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"Missed" ?

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I don't know, might be interesting, might not be that interesting... I'll give it a glance should it become a reality in my lifetime Smile

Hard to beat the games though, so they'll need all the luck and fortune they can get Tongue