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Motu 2408 MKII compatibility

As I'm planning to use an old G4 Quicksilver for audio stuff...I came across the Motu 2408 MKII audio interface...

Do their PCI cards for interface work in all G3/G4/G5 models with PCI slots or are there some restrictions?

So far I've only found an old review back at the time where onlx G3 models were available...

Or do you know of other alternatives adding an external ADC/DAC with 24-bit resolution and sample rates above 48kHz? Preferably with FireWire?


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I don't think your issue would be with the 2048 in the Quicksilver.
I have a friend who use the 2048 in all kinds of G4s.
The question is what are you going to do for software and drivers?
Are you planning to run DP in OS9 or OSX?

There are firewire interfaces out there (M-Audio) but you probably need to run at least MacOS 10.4 (Tiger). Again the issue will be finding drivers and software old enough to run on a 14 year old machine.

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I'm planning to use it soley on MacOS9....and if there exists any API..use custom software to control least I've seen some old software listedon the Motu site...

But thanks for clarifying Smile

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Looks like you've already found them (saw you posted something there when I went to check their list of audio interfaces that work in OS 9), but for anyone else who sees this the best place to go for OS 9 audio stuff is the Mac OS 9 Lives forum. Lots of audio pros there who still cling to OS 9 for their work or hobby audio production.

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You can use it no problem. There are three different PCI cards that will work plus one that won't.

The PCI-324 and 424 differ in functionality—they will cause problems in a G5 (except for those with only 4 RAM slots). Otherwise, they work in any pre-G5 with PCI slots.

The 424x is backwards compatible and is the correct card for a G5 with 8 RAM slots except for a few late models with PCIe slots.

The PCI-424e can only be used in late G5 Quad Macs and Intel Macs plus any PC with the correct slots.