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More Games From Robert Carr (and others)

So, surfing around the 'net for abandonware one day (as I often do), and found a veritable treasure trove of insanity:

Disclaimer: I'm not sure what a lot of the stuff on there actually is, so don't go downloading willy nilly. With that said...

And these two, which don't have a link on the site, for whatever reason:

There's also apparently a MacJesusX (Mac OS X version) somewhere, but heck if I know where to download it. Kind of like Virtual Valerie and the director's cut, just can't find those for download anywhere. Speaking of, if anyone has any of those...we still need all the Mike Saenz games out there.

So, yeah, for the sake of archival, pointing out more things that happen to be floating out there, that I think may be passed up otherwise. It's my whole goal, even if said things are totally bizarre or even offensive.


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I decided to try Escape from Normality for a bit. Unfortunately, I have no clue what to do. All I can figure out is that there are matches and some gasoline on the first screen. I can take and drop these, but I don't know how to *use* them. The help is surprisingly unhelpful. (Yes, it says I can do stuff. No, I have no clue how even after reading it multiple times (It doesn't appear to accept the command 'do').) It's a weird adventure game to say the least.