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Joined: 2010 Mar 10
Modern games that remind you of classic Mac games :)

Wonder if anyone notices the same thing, where a number of more recent games are very "familiar", similar to old classics?

I've been playing Mass Effect, and in a lot of ways it reminds me of Escape Velocity. I guess it's actually an inaccurate comparison because ME doesn't have much trade or any of that stuff, but otherwise it just reminds me of EV because of travelling to other planets, landing on them and looking at their info, stuff like that. Same with the "missions" and stuff.

I guess the similarity isn't huge, but a few things definitely reminded me of it. Smile

Another game I noticed was Geometry Wars which hugely reminds me of Battle-Girl. Similar concept, not too original, but even aesthetics-wise the games have a similar "high tech" art direction.


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Cliff Johnson's long-awaited (and still not here yet, other than a demo) 'The Fool and His Money' is very reminiscent of 'The Fool's Errand' - but then it is a sequel Smile

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That modern game that's lovingly handcrafted from the bottom up with a unique, high-quality interactive experience in mind ?

You know -- *that* one ?

Oh yeah -- it doesn't exist ....

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Yeah, for real. I'm trying to think back and the last time I remember being just totally impressed with something new and high quality, well... probably Myth - The Fallen Lords. 1997.... I guess Halo 1 was very cool in that sense , so there's 2001 or 2002 or so that I played that...

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Machinarium. I would go as far as to say it may be better then some of the LucasArts adventures.