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Missing Versions

This thread is for apps the are uploaded but have other versions that are missing or you think need to be investigated (a scavenger hunt thread if you will). Those of you whom have read Katie Cadet's Performa thread probably already know what the first candidate is: QuickTime. There are many versions of it and I'm trying to find the last for classic.

Other possible candidates I've found are as follows: CPU Doubler 3, AppleShare Client 3.8.6 (last 68k version), Connectix CD Directory, Netscape Communicator/Navigator Pro/Gold Edition (all versions)
Got anything else you think we should be looking for? Throw it on here.
Oh, FogWrath can you pin this?


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QuickTime v6.0.3 is the highest for Classic pre-OSX, this according to wikipedia and many other sources. I'm using the v6.0.0 because I tested v6.0.3 plays slowly on my G4 Mirror Door. While I don't have confidence 6.0.4 or higher will materialize for OS9, the door is open for there being a v6.0.1 and/or v6.0.2 which could be better than 6.0.0

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No officially released NDIF copy of Disk Copy 6.x is here below version 6.3.3 - This would be versions 6.0.1 thru 6.3.2.

I guess there will be plenty of these version releases in Dev CDs and OS installs already here. Just not separate and on the Disk Copy 6 page as yet.

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Hi there,

I was thinking about to create a new thread myself to found what is missing or ask people what they are looking for. And what about a little game for that ? I'm gonna upload here not one or two softwares, but a lot of new "old softwares" before the end of the year. It's about at least 5 GB or more. I could say that will be a very big update for the garden website. Smile If I let people guess what is it, perhaps we should see clearly what is really missing. What do u think frankly about this idea ? If it is not necessary, just let me know. Whatever happens, theses softs will be uploaded here...

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It's not a good idea to upload all version of an app, why because most had problems that have been corected in later versions by the authors so only the last version found for 68k, Fat, PPC, OS X and Intel
should be upload here.

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Usually the last known working version for each system is enough... though, theres always someone somewhere looking for some obscure version of whatever software. The tougher part is collecting and presenting without cluttering.

It's not like we're saying "NO" to having all versions available if possible Tongue

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I've noticed that no websites seem to have the Macintosh version of Flash 8 Professional. But I happen to still have the original install discs for Macromedia/Adobe Studio 8 from my college days (circa 2005.) The discs have been very well preserved and still work perfectly.

My two CD's contain these programs:
- ColdFusion MX 7
- Contribute 3
- Dreamweaver 8
- Fireworks 8
- Flash 8 Professional
- FlashPaper 2

This particular version marks the point where Adobe had just acquired Macromedia, so the box says "Adobe" but all the software still says "Macromedia." This is also the last version of Flash to use the ActionScript 2 programming language. The next version after this was Adobe CS3 which featured the ActionScript 3 programming language.

I have imaged the discs as ISO files since they contain both the OSX and Windows versions of all the software. As a quick test I was able to successfully mount one in VMWare running OSX Tiger and install the Macintosh version of Flash with no issues. Considering the year of release, I actually have no idea whether or not this runs on PPC processors, but it very likely does since the Mac had only just begun to migrate to Intel in 2005 and OSX transparently emulated legacy PPC software during this time.

I've uploaded everything to MEGA as a ZIP file. It contains both ISO's along with the serial number, which works with all of the software.!htUEzCBY!WtR-jMjoBnFv1N1fEXJC3YLgVYM37z4Pubxd2KtTyFk

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Thanks much Smile
I took the liberty of sending it to here

The page will require some updating and edits, which I'm afraid I have no time for at the moment

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A small update.
I have confirmed that Flash 8 for Mac OS X is a PowerPC app.
It turns out that you can check this using the System Profiler tool.

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Hello, thanks a lot. Is it possible to run this in MacosSierra somehow ?

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Macromedia FlashPlayer 8 (stand-alone)

For Mac OSX (PowerPC)

I extracted this from an installation of Macromedia Studio 8, archived it and tested it. Stand-alone players like these are useful for opening old Flash files, as well as converting flash files into native self-contained apps.

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Aladdin Desktop Tools 1.0.3 Updater, if anyone has it or can locate it, please upload it to the page; I've already uploaded 1.0 and the 1.0.1 and 1.0.2 updaters.

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The specific gray Snow Leopard discs are missing, especially those with 10.6.6. They are particularly important because the 10.6.6 release finally included support for Sandy Bridge i.e. the 2nd gen Intel Core i. This would be the MacBookPro8,3 Early 2011, version 10.6.6 10J3210, and the iMac12,1 Mid 2011, version 10.6.6 10J4026. I'd be happy to get those, because it is very likely they will also work for some other Macs with Sandy Bridge from 2011, like the later MacBookPros, the (one) later iMac and all the Mac minis, that came with Lion...