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Missing Mac ROM Files

One of the things that DingusPPC will require is a ROM. Although it can detect a number of old ROMs, I've noticed a few Macs which don't have any ROM dump whatsoever. I looked in several Mac ROM archives and the following are not present whatsoever.

These include, but are not limited to:

* Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh (codename Spartacus)

* PowerBook 2400c (codename Comet)

* PowerBook 3400c (codename Hooper)

* Power Mac 4400 (codename Tanzania)

* Power Mac 5260 (unknown codename)

If you find a ROM dump or are able to dump a ROM for one of these, please upload it to the Mac Garden and/or contact the DingusPPC developers (me and maximumspatium).

Please note these ROM dumps should be 4 MB. Verify this before submitting it.


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Have you cross-referenced with my Google Docs list and the MacROMan test set? As noted on the emaculation thread, one of those (can't remember which one -- 5260?) is available, it's just the same as one of the other hardware sets.

The only TAM dump I've seen was corrupted; someone said they were going to do a new one, but I never saw it show up anywhere.