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Mini vMac II (about)

About Mini vMac II

As you may know, Paul C. Pratt maintains and develops Mini vMac, including his Mac II builds.
Mac II sound emulation is rather usable for some time now,
as Paul managed emulating the Mac II´s ASC. (Apple Sound Chip)

Paul offers a bunch of pre-built variations of Mini vMac 3.4.1 at the time of this writing.
His variations page is here:
This collection was removed, the developer will have his reasons...

To pick a matching build for you, follow the scheme below:
For the Mac II flavours, you want a build with "-m II" in the name.

-t imch { Macintosh OS X - Intel }
-t mach { Macintosh OS X - PowerPC }
-t mppc { Macintosh OS 9 and earlier - PowerPC }
-t m68k { Macintosh - 680x0 }
-t wx86 { Microsoft Windows - Intel }
-t wx64 { Microsoft Windows - x86-64 }
-t lx86 { Linux - Intel (32 bit) }
-t lx64 { Linux - x86-64 }
-t lppc { Linux - PowerPC }
-t larm { Linux - ARM }
-t lspr { Linux - SPARC }
-t fbsd { FreeBSD on x86-32 }
-t fb64 { FreeBSD on x86-64 }
-t obsd { OpenBSD on x86-32 }
-t ob64 { OpenBSD on x86-64 }
-t nbsd { NetBSD on x86-32 }
-t nb64 { NetBSD on x86-64 }
-t dbsd { Dragonfly BSD on x86-32 }
-t db64 { Dragonfly BSD on x86-64 }
-t oind { OpenIndiana on x86-32 }
-t oi64 { OpenIndiana on x86-64 }
-t wcar { Pocket PC - ARM }
-t minx { Minix 3.2 }
The x86-64 versions are currently slower, for lack of assembly language tweaking, and should not be used if the x86-32 versions will work.

You may also ask for a custom build of your own, if you see special needs.
Don´t forget to donate a small contribution please, if you can afford it.


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This collection was removed, the developer will have his reasons...

It does say this elsewhere on his website, which is probably the reason ...

To prevent taking too much space on my hosting provider’s computers, older custom variations will eventually be removed. So please download your variation promptly.

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the developer will have his reasons...

Paul C. Pratt's Variation Service is now Donationware.

Visit his Mini vMac "Sponsor Code for Variations" page, for full details.

To get a variation build made to your specifications now and without the word "Demo" floating around the screen, you will need to purchase a $10 or more, Sponsor Code (or build it yourself using source code).

It's not a bad deal, as a one-off $10 donation will buy you as many builds as you need within a one year period (up to 25 variations each day, every day for a year). Also, because of the GNU license, fully working builds can be redistributed to 3rd parties, gratis.

You can still download fully working Mini vMac II variations from this page for free and without a demo reminder. But they are limited to a 640x480 display and 256 colors, only.

Also noting:
-t mppc { Macintosh OS 9 and earlier - PowerPC }
-t m68k { Macintosh - 680x0 }
No longer seems to be an option for variation builds (unless building it yourself from source).