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Minimalistic Prince of Persia versions (without SIT compression)

In Prince of Persia game repository there are multiple versions of the game, which is great...

...unless you have, like me a Mac SE with floppy drive limited to 1.44mb in system 6.1 (can't find any working copy of 7.1, all the one I tried caused either "illegal operation" or "address error" or managed installation process till the end, then at reboot, would loop forever & crashing on some Hard-drive-sorta-update-process)

Mostly distributed in .SIT format but for a newer version of Stuffit that the one I have (1.5.1).
.... and whatever version of stuffit I try with more recent version would cause "Adress error" or "illegal operation" and crash my machine (perhaps some defect memory or whatever hardware issue).

The only archive which seems to have been made available for 1.5.1 is unfortunately too big to fit on a real floppy disk xD

I'm playing with a real Macintosh SE not an emulator and I have somehow to feed him with something that drive can read xD

Would it be possible for any gentleman to :

- Either produce a 1.5.1 sit archive for prince of persia expurged of "COLOR and LC2" versions, keeping only BW version so the .SIT would fit on less than 1.44mb ?

- Or, even better, produce a .DSK or .IMAGE of a valid playable B&W copy of the game ? Smile

Many thanks here !


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Added a 7th DL for you here:
Its a RAW 1440k image usable as source for dd.
The disk image only holds the monochrome game files, hope that helps.
You can inflate all .sit files on a Mac with TheUnarchiver.
You may DL version 4.1 here for example:

BTW, my writing from 2013 is still there:
Pictures are missing, of course. Common issue with external file hosters. Sad
The procedure may still work with 10.14 or lower, but I did not try right now.
As of macOS 10.12 "sudo dd if=/1440.dsk of=/dev/disk3" fails with an error "no such file/folder 1440.dsk". Path Randomization strikes again.

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You’re my personnal Jesus !