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Mini Vmac Compression?

What i need is a way to open stuffit 5 compressed files on Mini Vmac, emulating a mac plus. I need to emulate a Mac Plus because i have recently come accross a working Mac Plus, and i want to load software onto it. Anyone have any suggestions?
EDIT: (Removed after i checked the rest of the forum)


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Sadly, no. The computer that Mini vMac emulates is only capable of running Stuffit 4. There are options of dealing with the files... but you're going to do that outside of Mini vMac.

What's your host system?

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any suggestions?

Yes. Install an emulator that can open Stuffit 5.x files. Have a separate drive file that you can mount in either Mini vMac or the emulator and use this drive file as a means to get the files you need to the Mini vMac, easily.

A suitable emulator for this would be Basilisk II, SheepShaver, or the Mac II (alpha) version of Mini vMac

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why not expand the archive on mac os x or windows? then transfer to vmac? i'm just curious.

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As long as the resource fork isn´t lost, it can be done that way too.
OSX usually preserves both forks - Windows does not do that.
I would vote for Mike Tom Tom´s advice. As a precaution don´t use your MiniVMac boot volume for file transfers. It may become corrupted/un-bootable.