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BMAX B1 versus Raspian 4 for Mac emulation

I wanted to thank OpenSourceMac, Jatoba and SkyCapt for helping me look at cheap hard drive options for my G4 Minis.. thank you all for ll your insightful and detailed responses, really! Smile I promise I will get that ball rolling soon!

But OpenSouceMac, you brought up Deepin in your iRaspian post and it reminded me of how versitale Linux is as far as OS customization, which is my cup of tea for sure, face-lifting older hardware, and of course, emulation.

So when I uncovered a Mini PC, in this case a BMAX B1 that w/a $40 coupon costs $100, I wanted to compare it w/the endlessly configurable Raspberry Pi 4 at the same price.

I think that the iRaspbian Mac OS X look is what got me worked up Laughing out loud I'm sure both systems will work well w/Basilisk II, SheepShaver and QEMU emulation.

But would the BMAX edge out the Raspberry because of Windows 10? I'd rather run either it w/Linux like the Pi 4. They should both work reasonably well as media clients and maybe even for work-from-home using a flat-screen TV.. but they're both very cool, even small enough to fit into a pants' pocket!