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Microsoft SideWinder 3D Pro Macintosh driver CD

I've just received an ADB version of this stick to use on my Power Mac 6500, and no driver CD that it would usually come with.

Surely, I could find that on the Internet, right? WRONG!

Microsoft doesn't host it anymore, search engines turn up nothing relevant (mostly results for the PC/Windows software instead), and it's not even on here despite this site hosting the drivers and software for literally every other major ADB joystick manufacturer!

I do know that the stick works, thanks to a friend of mine digging up the right InputSprocket extensions, but without the SideWinder Game Device Editor software, I can't use it with non-InputSprocket games like X-Wing and TIE Fighter, which just don't recognize the stick in joystick mode at all.

Mouse mode doesn't work either, simply because it's a relative input mode rather than using absolute coordinates like those games are expecting. Even then, I'd just be stuck with the trigger for actual input, no key emulation for all the buttons.


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This actually took me some extensive detective work over on the Wayback Machine, but I found that the official Microsoft download was named "MACSW3D.BIN", which does yield some relevant Google results!

I've uploaded it here to save everyone else the hassle should they come across one of those ADB sticks.

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Thank you for adding it to the archive. I did try to find this driver the other day, after seeing your post, but my searches didn't get very far.

Having it archived here may indeed help others in a similar situation.