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Quoting from the New Zealand Herald:

Police court order Dotwrong
By David Fisher
5:30 AM Sunday Mar 18, 2012

Internet tycoon Kim Dotcom's cash, cars and property were seized using a court order which should never have been granted.

A judgment from Justice Judith Potter on Friday declared the restraining order "null and void" and having "no legal effect".

The blunder might now lead to the beleaguered internet mogul getting back everything that was stripped away in the surprise dawn raid on his mansion eight weeks ago.

Police commissioner Peter Marshall and the Government's legal advisers at the Crown Law Office have admitted making an embarrassing "procedural error" when filing documents to seize Dotcom's property.

Potter said Marshall's application for the restraining order had "confused" legal moves by opting for one in which Dotcom was not given a chance to mount a defence. It meant Marshall applied for the "incorrect order".


The raid led to Dotcom's Megaupload sites - which carried 4 per cent of internet traffic - being pulled down and $200m in assets seized. A fascinated public watched as officials took a string of luxury cars from the $30 million mansion in North Auckland where Dotcom, wife Mona and their three children lived.

The seizure left Dotcom with no finances to mount a legal challenge against claims he had overseen the biggest criminal copyright operation in history.

For article in full, read the NZ Herald article: Police court order Dotwrong.