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Media100 updaters prior to version 8.0

Hello to you all, I hope to find here some kind of help since Media100 does not provide anymore support for the legacy Media100 System.
What I am looking are the intermediate updaters from the Release versions of this very nice video editing system, in detail i need the following:

Version 5.5 -> 5.5.3 updater and Diagnostic Rev. 07.16.1999
Version 6.0 -> 6.0.3 updater and Diagnostic Rev. 07.26.2000
Version 7.0 -> 7.0.2 updater and Diagnostic Rev. 02.20.2001
Version 7.5 -> 7.5.1 updater and Diagnostic Rev. 03.18.2002

From version 8 and up only OSX is supported so this kind of stuff could be of a certain interest for the collectors too.

I have myself the Media100 full installers (CD version) of:

Version 3.0 (CD Installer + CD Tutorial)
Version 3.1 (CD Installer)
Version 4.0 (CD Installer)
Version 4.5 (CD Installer)
Version 5.5.2 (CD Installer + CD Tutorial)
Version 6.0 (CD Installer + CD Hardware Diagnostic Rev. 11.04.1999)

If someone plan to create an unofficial Media100 Legacy repository I will be happy to provide my images,

I have also the Full CD installers of AVID Xpress (ABVB) 2.1 and 2.2 with Footage Tutorials

Please note that Media100 and AVID Xpress ABVB systems are broadcast stuff that requires a serial number (or a dongle) that is tied to the hardware they drive. The installers and updaters above were free to download but useless without the key or dongle provided from Media100 or AVID.




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I have an older (1998) software dongle emulator. I couldn't ever tried, because i haven't any version of Media 100. I'll be grateful if you put online some version arround that date (1998) to see if it works. Or if you prefer I put online the software dongle emulator for you to test it.

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Hello Mactron,
I have just uploaded the full installer and hardware diagnostic of v4.5 to MediaFire.
Due to limit of 200 Mb for free account I can't put there more recent versions.
I believe that only the oldest Media100 software need a dongle to run, the more recents use the serial code inside the Vincent/P6000 capture board so only a code key is needed.
However, here's the link:


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Thank You.
But unfortunately it didn't worked.
In my G4 MDD with Os 9.2.2 Media 100 extension don't let the finder startup, and the Media 100 application crash at startup also.
In My PM 8600 whith Os 8.6 Media 100 extension and Media 100 application dind't crash but show me a dialog box telling me that no Media 100 hardware was found and can't continue.
I'm asking me if there is any version of Media 100 that wasn't hardware dependant?

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The various Media 100 releases has specific hardware and OS requirements, using it in a configuration different from the reccomendations may lead to errors and crashes. Around the net there are some PDF documents about that, here a brief summary from version 5 up.

from v5.5 to v5.5.2 use OS 8.6 and Quicktime 4.0
from v5.5.3 to v6.0.2 use OS 9.0.4 and Quicktime 4.1
from v6.0.3 to v7.0.2 use OS 9.1 and Quicktime 4.1.2
from v7.5 to 7.5.1 use OS 9.2.2 and Quicktime 6.0 or 5.0.2

The reccomendations above are generic and specific Mac hardware may have different requirements.
I am not a Media100 expert but I think the current Media100 product line is hardware independent, maybe the P6000 board went optional from v11 and up but I could be wrong.

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im running a media 100 system with v 7.5.1 right now including update cd's to v8 for osx