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Mantra Game Just Sits in Loading State

After figuring out how to get the file on the computer I know just get a Loading. Please Wait message for mantra.

Any help?


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Just tried it in SheepShaver. Host is macOS Sierra, guest is OS 8.6.
No issues on my side.
On Windows, all files must be moved to the emulators HDD (not to the desktop) to be inflated there.
Best try again with a fresh copy, move it to your Mac volume via the shared folder, decompress with Stuffit (Expander) and mount it with DiskCopy 6. Best move the game folder to your emulators HDD so you may finally play the game. Wink

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Hello. Still Need Help
Screenshot included
I copy the Mantra to the Mac OS 9 disk, but I didn't use Stuffit, because I couldn't find a download avail.

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You have on your desktop, a mounted Disk Copy image file named "Mantra", inside of this at the root level is a single folder named "Mantra v1.02 Folder".

Copy this folder to some location inside the boot disk named "Mac OS 9", - That is; click onto the folder named "Mantra v1.02 Folder" and drag it into the "Mac OS 9" disk.

Once it finishes copying over, drag the mounted Disk Copy image file "Mantra" to the Trash (to eject it off the desktop).

Then locate the folder "Mantra v1.02 Folder" that you copied into "Mac OS 9" disk, open it and then double-click the app icon named ""Mantra v1.02" to launch the game.

In your pic, it probably doesn't want to play when it is still inside the mounted Disk Copy file "Mantra" so you need to get that folder with its content from there into your emulated hard drive "Mac OS 9" first.