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__MACOSX truobles solved

There are many people here who have had trouble trying to decode the .zip files with a __MACOSX folder on even Mac OS 9, but would not want to spend the $$ for OS X 10.4 or later (or even $$$ for a modern Mac which can run at least OS X 10.4 if they don't have one) just to decode it. However, I have solved it. It is just AppleDouble, which is decodable on even Mac OS 7 running on a Macintosh Plus using Decode AppleFile, but with a modified style of filenames, in a .zip file. Here is a diagram of an example (assuming the download for Accu-Weather Forecaster 2.2 was in this format):

* "__MACOSX"
** "._Accu-Weather® Disk 1.img" (encoded file for "Accu-Weather® Disk 1.img")
** "._Accu-Weather® Disk 2.img" (encoded file for "Accu-Weather® Disk 2.img")
* "Accu-Weather® Disk 1.img" (data file for "Accu-Weather® Disk 1.img")
* "Accu-Weather® Disk 2.img" (data file for "Accu-Weather® Disk 2.img")

However, those .zip files are in a modern format, meaning you still have to extract the .zip on a modern computer and copy the extracted files and folders to your old Macintosh, then decode the __MACOSX-style AppleDouble-encoded files using Decode AppleFile. UPDATE: MacZip, which also works on Mac OS 7 running on a Macintosh II (but not on a Macintosh SE or Macintosh Plus), was found out to be able to extract the modern .zip format that the Apple Archive Utility creates archives in, so now even people who have old Macintosh computers which they can at least download files from the Macintosh Garden directly on but have trouble transferring files from their modern PCs to their old Macintosh computers or don't have modern computers at all will be able to "fix the __MACOSX-messed-up archives themselves". However, MacZip does not understand the __MACOSX/._*-style of preserving Macintosh-specific information in a .zip archive using AppleDouble, it only understands it's own XtraStuf.mac/*-style of AppleDouble, so you'll still have to manually decode the __MACOSX-style AppleDouble using Decode AppleFile.

P. S. Should we preserve the Decode AppleFile utility, which is helpful for us with thesse __MACOSX troubles today, although the last version was from 1998, here before is gone?

Edit. Replaced 'xxx 7' with 'Mac OS 7' - IIGS User


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On a related note, if using OSX earlier than 10.4, StuffIt Standard 8.0.2 can properly unzip those files, but of course that StuffIt version doesn't work in OS 9.

And of course if the zip is made of disk images of the right kind, the extra files aren't a concern at all.