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Joined: 2011 Jun 16
Macintosh Garden is accepting Windows Programs now.

April, 1st.- In a recent announcement, Macintosh Garden will now accept Windows Only applications to be uploaded here. The Reason? Windows 8. W8 is putting major part of the applications into the road of the programmed obsolescence.

Users are encouraged to start uploading right now Windows apps.


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Joined: 2011 Dec 3

Regarding April 1 pranks, does anyone remember many years ago when Australian MacWorld published an article on how a CPU would run faster when covered in a layer of chocolate? I think I remember right. Some people took it seriously (briefly). Don't know if the article was published in the parent MacWorld.

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Joined: 2009 Oct 26

Win Garden, love it...

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Joined: 2011 Jun 16

@Mrdav: Sounds like Marty Chang's try of calibrating a monitor using peanutbutter. xddddd

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Joined: 2009 Dec 7

@Nicolas: Gr8! I can't wait for all those excellent Win proggies to come flooding in Wink
@mrdav: I don't recall that MacWorld article. But I did read today about Linus Torvalds accepting an offer from Microsoft to head re-designing a new Kernel for the forthcoming Windows 9!