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[Found] MacCalligraphy

I was browsing Mac User magazine, and found an ad for an interesting piece of software in September 1987 issue (p. 156) - MacCaligraphy.

The only related thing I could find on the garden are the Japanese Clips on a compilation disc (I think they might be the same as the ones in the ad). A quick search through the Apple mirrors, but no dice.

I hope that someone might have it. I would like to see if I can make something nice with the simulated 1but Japanese calligraphic brush Smile

Thanks in advance

Edit: Please disregard, I have found it by browsing clip art section and finding the company who released. It seems you need to be very particular when searching: both "calligraphy" and "mac calligraphy" do not return it the entry. You need to search for "maccalligraphy".

I need to remember to use wild cards when searching on here.


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Maybe we need to do some comments on this and similar pages adding in the alternate names people might search for, so that they show up Smile I've found this a number of times lately, and usually end up searcing on ddg to find what I'm looking for.

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I try to make sure when editing entries that I include AKAs if there are any, just for situations like this!