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MacAddict CDs from 2000...

I was about to upload a chess game (ChessWorks 2.3) from a MacAddict CD, but since I can't presently run the file in my emulated Mac Plus, I thought you folks might want to give me some ideas how to handle this.

Because I can't run the game today, I'm unsure of my ability to read and transfer files since I'm running Linux (it seems to suffer at reading Mac CDs) and I'd be trying to run it on an emulated Mac Plus that is presently having a hard time in many areas of file access. Before you say 'your system is bad', maybe read more of my post before responding? I honestly believe the CD is not bad because years ago, I was able to load the same game file into a PPC7500/100 with no problems. This file is being read from a commercial pressed CD so it likely has no errors.

More details...

It is being read via my Linux machine by Konqueror (part of KDE) in file manager mode. The file on the CD does NOT have ANY extension.

Personally, I cannot figure out how to get most Mac files into MY minivmac (3.1.3-lx86); I'm emulating a Mac Plus running S7.5.3, and this file is being brought into the emulated Mac via the minivmac utility ImportFl (ImportFl worked for many other files that run in the emulated Mac Plus).

The chess game file I'm offering is failing (FOR ME) to open with several programs:
-Stuffit Expander 4.0.1 (which runs fine for some files and does nothing for other files),
-any BinHex program I've tried (sadly, only one file has ever been debinhexed in my system, that conversion was by Stuffit Expander 4.0.1... not sure why the other BinHex applications fail), -fails to open as a Disk Copy 6.3.3 disk image,
-and the chess game file is not executable in the emulated Mac Plus with S7.5.3.

I suspect my minivmac, running under Linux could be the problem (many other files fail to work), or maybe the Mac specific CD filesystem is messing Linux up, as it always does... but I'm not sure where the error takes place.

If someone wants to try downloading my file into their real mac, mostly to confirm that I can accurately read and transfer files, I'd appreciate knowing the results. Let me know when and how we can test my abilities.

You folks might ALSO appreciate knowing if my method works, since I have 13 such MacAddict CDs from 1999/2000 - I'll try to post more stuff if someone tells me this ONE test file works for them. Lotsa goodies on just ONE CD:

"MacAddict 51 November 2000

Audio & Music
Audion 1.5, DSound Demo 1.0, eMedia Product Line Demo, MACAST Installer, MbooM 1.3 Demo, Mixman Demo 1.2, MP3 Rage 2.8, N2MP3-1.5b3, Sound Studio 1.4.1, SoundJam MP Free 2.1.1

Bookit 1.0.2 (FAT), Bookit 1.1 (PPC), Curmudgeon's Eudora Fixer/Utils, DAVE 2.5.1 demo, Interarchy 3.8 Installer, iStream 1.4.1, OE Many To Word, OE Script Bundle 1.0.4, Sawmill 5.0.23 Trial, Sherlock Plugins 1.8, Web Devil 4.9.5

Design & Graphics
BladePro 2.1.4 installer, Callisto 1.1, Cross-Stitch Plug-In, Designer Sextet Collection, Flaming Pear Freebies, Four Filter Special, Harry's Filters, Image Utilities CMM 1.1, Install Illustrator 9.0 Tryout, Knot 3.7.1a, PluginGalaxy v10, RainbowPainter 1.9.1, RetroScan 1.1, Studio Artist 1.5 Demo (SE), The Logo Creator, Xhatch 1.5

Akua Sweets 1.41, BugLink v1.1.2 Install, Paydoit!, Pepper 3.0.1

Fun & Games
Cannon ZERO 1.2, ChessWorks 2.3, Cubes 1.1, DXMacDemo.sea, Escape From Jason Whong, Galactic Patrol, King of Dragon Pass Tour, MacSnake 1.3.1, ManicMinefields 1.4.1, Terminus Demo

ClusterWorks Vol.1 1.02, Control Panels Strip 3.3.1, IconBuilder Pro 2.0, Minuet CSM 1.0.2, Nirvana Engine 1.2, Sprightly Icon Collection

Effects Pack #1 Demo, Effects Pack #2 Demo, Effects Pack #3 Demo, MovieUtilities CMM 1.4, ScrapIt Pro 5.52 (fat)

Color Palm Runner, Dreadling, FourZero 3.01, Gobble, Palm Runner, Quicksheet 4.1

Abstractions FM Plug-In, Business Card Creator, CalendarMaker 4.5.1 Demo, CD Label Creator, Complete Suite, DayLynx 1.0, Drill 1.2, Enhancement Pack 1.0.4 (Link), EZCalendar 2.0, EZNote 1.5, icWord Installer, Invoice Builder 2.0.1, iOrganize 2.6.0 (68k), iOrganize 2.7.0 (PPC), iText 2.1, LightwayText 3.1, NewNotePad II 1.9.3, Notepad Deluxe 2.0.1, Sum It 1.0.4, Troi Grabber Plug-In, Troi Serial Plug-In, XL Menu Enhancer


ACD Systems: ACDSee Installer 1.0, Bitheadz: Retro AS-1 2.0.2 Demo, Unity DS-1 2.0.1 Demo, Deneba: Canvas 7 Trial, IK Multimedia: GrooveMaker 2.0 Demo, T-RackS 1.1.2 Demo, MacLotto: MacLotto Sweepstakes, RandomEye Technologies: Image Grabber 2.0, REAL Software: REALbasic 2.1.2, Savant Interactive: webSavant Coupon, VR Toobox: Install The VR Worx 2.0 Demo, VR Worx Tutorials Installer

The Kitchen Sink
dAceRead, StretchWare Demo Installer

Diablo II 1.03b Update, The Sims 1.1.1 Updater

Aladdin Expander 5.5, Bail, CalcStrip 1.4.2, DiskTracker 2.0.2, FontShowcase 2.0.3, G4Strip 1.1.2, Installer Observer 3.0.2, Jeremy's CSM Bundle 2.1.2, NewCM 1.2.2, StuffCM 2.6, Timbuktu Evaluation, Vremya 2.0, WindowPicker CM Plugin"

That is just November 2000!


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Joined: 2009 Sep 29

I've got a huge stack of MacAddict CDs, from issue 3 (sometime 1996) up to issue 110 or so (2005?).
I've also got the magazines from issue 13 up to 110 or so.

I don't really know why I've kept them all for so long...I just never really wanted to throw them away.

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Joined: 2013 Jan 27

OSX2000 -- still have these?

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Joined: 2009 Jun 14

Ditto for MacUser and MacWorld (from 1987 to present) and MacFormat (from issue 1 to present - issue 220 or so). And their cover CD's / DVD's.

I've imaged nearly all the cover discs, and run them through Disk Tracker up to 2003. It's into the millions of files, mostly shareware and demos and maybe a few hundred full working commercial (older versions) of apps and games. Just didn't want to throw them away.

I've already burnt out my od Epson scanner trying to scan the magazine pages. I shall buy a new (dirt cheap) scanner to try to do the rest - they're not going near my top-end Canon.

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Joined: 2009 Nov 14

I've been considering opening up a MacAddict Archive website. I'll try to get it live next year (as in, next month)

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Joined: 2009 Jul 22

It would be nice, I used to have many of CD's from MacAddict/ MacWorld
but I left them all back in the U.S.
hopefully you don't post them in .dmg format.

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Joined: 2009 Dec 23

Ah. Wow.
1] I will try to post what files I have, but as I said, I'm having quite a bit of trouble using the files as it is; that led me to ask if someone wanted to help me (as a test) with getting files uploaded:

    If someone wants to try downloading my file into their real mac, mostly to confirm that I can accurately read and transfer files, I'd appreciate knowing the results. Let me know when and how we can test my abilities.

2] Seems that some folks have as large (or larger) a collection as I have (OSX2000, bertboy, I am in serious awe of those collections).

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I remember the MacFormat discs, I used to buy the (import) magazine for the disc only, at an exorbitant mark-up!

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You wouldn't happen to know of a game called Glyder ( not Glider Pro ), that was on a MacAddict CD ( 1999-2003?)

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Joined: 2009 Dec 23

Well, I have no reliable means to get the files off the MacAddict CD, since I'm using Linux to get onto the internet. Even if I fire up my Power Mac 7500, which can read he CDs, I still can't get the files onto the internet, as the PM7500 is not networked. Any ideas appreciated!

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Joined: 2009 Oct 18

mmmmna, couldn't you just plug an ethernet cable into the 7500's built-in ethernet connector..? OS9 is pretty good about finding active ethernet, unless you only have wireless.

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Joined: 2010 Mar 10

yeah, according to, the 7500 had 10baseT ethernet standard. give that a try!! Smile

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Joined: 2010 Feb 20

OSX2000 could you contact me regarding MacAddict? Thanks!

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Joined: 2010 Mar 10

Nice. I have a good stack of MacAddict CDs, from about issue 7 up to about issue, 45? 50? Somewhere in there. I just moved recently and I really can't remember if I still have the magazines. I really hope so. I will freak if I stupidly threw them out. Those are like gold in terms of Macintosh history.

I can probably share a DiskTracker archive/listing thing that's on the highest MacAddict CD I have (again, somewhere around issue 40-50), if anyone would like. Then you could request any specific files.

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Mmm, I found OS9 pretty hopeless at detecting an Ethernet connection becoming active. You also need to make sure that the AppleTalk and TCP/IP control panels were set up correctly. You also need to set up Modem and Remote Access (and maybe IrDA) for using dial-up (IrDA if you used an IrDA capable mobile to dial-up like of my PBG3 & PBG4 - this was YEARS before 2G or 3G or any kind of broadband).

It helps with all of these to switch to the intermediate level, which allows you to set up named configurations of these, ie. for my PBG4 I would have a "BT ADSL", "Dialup", "DialUp Mobile", "Office LAN", etc. for the TCP/IP control panel. Some would be a fixed IP address, some would have DNS servers keyed, some wouldn't. The same would be true for all the other network related CPs - a variety of configurations that would reflect the situations where I would want network access, ie. AppleTalk only had two configurations, "AT Enabled" and "AT Disabled".

Then you use the optional install (mght be in Apple Extras folder) of Location Manager, in particular the Control Strip module. I then had Location Manager configurations that reflected the situations - much like the first list. Eash configuration was defined as a set of the other configurations, ie. the "Home DSL" LM configuration used the "AT Enabled" AppleTalk configuration, the "BT ADSL" TCP/IP configuration, the "RA Disabled" Remote Access configuration - which was just a configuration with no settings - to prevent accidental dial-up - once it's happened to you, you'll understand why you need it, etc, etc.

The Location Manager was also good for getting OS9 to detect a new Ethernet connection, without having to restart, just switch to a dialup-type config and then switch back, Hey presto, it would work.

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Would like to complete a collection of these MacAddict discs.

Seeking all Mac Addict CD-ROMs for 2003 through 2007, as well as any of the Special Issue discs (except for Super Pak 3) - i.e.:
MacAddict Ultra iMac Pak
MacAddict Ultimate How-To Disc
MacAddict 5th Anniversary DVD

Also am trying to ensure I get both versions of the December 1998 issue -- the one with the worm and the one without it.

Also would like to confirm when sleeves stopped, and when/if jewel cases and CD jewel case art was used. (I've seen one issue #125, the last, in a jewel case with jewel case slip in paper.)

(And also interested in all other retro "sets" of CDROM issues.) Please post or PM.

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Joined: 2009 Dec 7

The MacAddict CD collection is archived here at the "Internet Archive" - It has most issues covered from 01 through to 125 (2007).

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Joined: 2009 Dec 23


Great tip.

I just downloaded and tried a random .iso on a Flat Panel iMac, it worked fine as a mounted image, so I'm trying to burn that .iso to test the iMac burner (I just got the system at the dump 2 weeks ago).