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Joined: 2014 Sep 28
Mac Osx 10.5.4 Leopard

is it possible to split the dvd to a smaller File size like 3gb.


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Joined: 2013 Jul 13

Yes, it is possible, but the install would not work correctly. The entire image needs to be on one DVD dual layer.

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Joined: 2009 Oct 26

Incorrect, there are instructions online (and I have downloaded and burned) a single layer Leopard 10.5 installer DVD. There is a 10 minute wait for the installer to appear (which is nearly unbearable), but it does eventually appear, and if you avoid languages/printer-drivers and extras, it installs very nicely indeed.

PS. It comes out at nearly the maximum capacity of a single-layer DVD... 4.4GB?

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If you're in the USA I'll mail you a copy.
But you'll need a DVD drive that can read dual layer DVR+ discs.
Most of the desktop drives can but mot all of the Laptop drives will.