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Mac OS X 10.4.7 Intel

I have acquired the install/restore discs for 10.4.7 Intel and that shipped with the Late 2006 (manufactured in 2007) Mac mini. It's two DVDs: one 4.28 GB and the other 7.6GB.

Unfortunately, that means it's going to be very difficult to upload the .dmg files in one, much less segment them and then upload them. Drop DMG takes forever to segment them and then encode them as .bzip2 files; I waited for more than 3 hours and it wasn't even close to 1/4 finished. I just don't have that kind of time to waste on something so slow.

Does anyone have any brilliant, really fast ways to segment and compress these so they can be uploaded relatively fast, or is it not worth it to upload them to any file sharing site?


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Hmmm... prolly not really suitable for the garden. Other points of view over OS X stuff were expressed in here... and that was about PPC X software...

[Edit] However, regardless of suitability. There may be a time when you have large archives that you want to split for uploading.
Your description of segmenting and then encoding is the opposite of what you should be doing.

1). Create .cdr/.iso images of your CD/DVD media using Disk Utility: insert the disc, clicking the disc in Disk Utility, hitting "New Image", then selecting DVD/CD master for the image format, give it a name and destination, and hit save. Once done, you can change the extension from *.cdr to *.iso if you wish, .iso is more universally recognized across OS's and changing the extension won't hurt the data.
2) Next, lock the image before you continue or mount it to check if the imaging was successful (prevents the Finder from further writing to the file if you mount it onto the desktop).
3). Compress each .iso to a single compressed file, as either: .zip, .sit, .gz; etc, etc. Your choice. Or the easy way, right-click onto the .iso and choose "Create Archive of "yourDVDname.iso"" from the drop down menu. This creates a zip file of your .iso (takes a few minutes if the size of file is large).
4). Split the compressed file into parts using some file splitting tool. You can use "split" from the command line or you can use some other software. I recommend the java version of HJ-Split (a 137 Kb DL), its an easy to use freeware that creates great split archives which can be reassembled by a number of tools including "cat" (it doesn't need HJ-Split to be installed on other computers for reassembly). Choose a file size in MBs and it splits the archive into files with names like; "yourDVDname.iso.001", "yourDVDname.iso.002", "yourDVDname.iso.003" etc etc...