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Mac OS X ?

Hi. I have a Mac OS X version 10.5.2. I really want to download some mac classic games such as dark castle, crystal quest, mountain of mayhem and dungeon of doom. I have tried to download the correct software but am very confused. Can someone please help and tell me what i need to do.



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well, say me your icq msn skype .mac or email and I will help you.

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Anonymous can help you with that. And if you have a problem with one of their how-to guides, you can ask them in their forums or this one.

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lopaka1998 (not verified)

Check out the how to guide at:

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Here's a SheepShaver guide for OS X users:

And a support forum:

Those are on my site. Pardon me, please, for plugging my own site... but I think the links should answer most SheepShaver related questions.

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I downloaded leopard 10.5.4 and use 7-zip on it. The error message was " Unsupported compression method for leopard 10.5.4 dmg".
Please, I help

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You must use OSX built in decompression. Standard un-zip applications don't work with files that large. Download the file to an OSX machine, click ONCE on the file to highlight and then go under the file menu to get info (or use Command + I). Make sure (or change) the OPEN WITH application is/to "Archive Utility". Close the info window and double click on the file.

Or open System/Library/CoreServices/Applications and drag and drop the zip file onto Archive Utility".

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State your system and where you downloaded the zip from.

Leopard updates, like almost all Apple updates, can still be downloaded from Apple directly, but not as zip files, rather as dmg files. Those should always work.