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MAC OS Rom from G4 Pismo..


Although, I have plenty of powerpc based machines, I just installed sheepshaver on my gateway P-6860fx laptop.. can I just use the rom from my G4 Pismo to run sheepshaver? Will sheepshaver recognize the new world rom from the G4 Pismo(was G3 500)?, or do I have to use the older pre-G3 based roms?


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I'm sure that it wuld be fine, but you may find that you can't then use SS to emulate OS's earlier than those supported by your ROM.

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i thought Pismo was a codename for a G3 Powerbook

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i thought Pismo was a codename for a G3 Powerbook

Yes, but

G4 Pismo(was G3 500)

there was 3rd-party enhancement kits available for.

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Emaculation ist hosting some guides and how to's about valid ROM's for SheepShaver.
A 4MB ROM from an early PCI PPC would do best, as SS is emulating a PPC8600.
A ROM file from Apple's iMac upgrades is fine too, but it will not boot into OS7.6,
which is one of the fastest and stable OS for SS.