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Mac OS 9.2.2 install on G4 MDD

I'm salvaging a G4 MDD and looking forward to run OS 9.2.2 on it. I have the original system disc, but I heard that it's gotta be speciffic for that model to boot up. How can I get it to boot on 9.2.2 and have sound support as well?


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You are correct. You require the Mac OS ROM version 9.6.1 from the MDD. You can either get this from restoring manually or the OS9General.dmg off the CDs.

I uploaded these CDs here for anyone else

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whats the problem with the sound? If you have the original install CD, should be no problem at all. Anyway, these links to the MacOs9 updates will help you:

The major upgrade is the 9.2.1
Once installed, go for 9.2.2.

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Is there a fan control program to run under Mac OS 9.2.2? My firmware is up to date, being 4.4.8f1.. but yet when I boot into OS 9.2.2, the fans roar.. while in OS X it is quiet as a mouse.