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Mac OS 7 inside 9.2.2

Am I missing an emulator that will run on a powerbook or MDD that can run 7 and 8?
Minivmac that I have doesn't seem to have enough ram to actually do any development in those environments, and I have some apps I'd like to build (while not leaving my laptop).

Thanks in advance!


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You probably have to partition your hard drive and run Basilisk on Mac OS X.

If you do not want to partition you can run Mac OS 9.2.2 on the same HD as Mac OS X (not recommended for Jaguar, though: there a crashes and bugs; Panther and Tiger, however make no problems - according to my experience at least). Try to also install Basilisk on this drive, and start it from within Mac OS X. I haven't done this myself but it is worth a try.

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I can recommend to use Mini vMac on this page. You should just select the 5th DL as it emulates a Mac II with 8192 MB of RAM. Others emulates a Mac with only 4096 MB. Also, Mini vMac is not compatible with Mac OS 8. Only Basilisk or SheepShaver can run 7 & 8, with a lot of memory...

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Thanks! For the pointers. I'm going to give them a go!