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Mac GUI Vault bittorrent mirror

May be of use to some people... copied from usenet... I am still seeding Smile

Want to download? You need a bittorrent client.

Here's a magnet link.

If you have Mac OS X: you should use this client:

Otherwise go search for a bit torrent client on google yourself.

After you have download the entire (or partially) collection, keep your
client open so other people can download the file at high speeds. Thank you

I might put the asimov archive on bit torrent... someday.

Contains Mac and AppleII files.


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uyjulian: please stop make comments about broken links! Make a list over them here on this page instead. That way people can visit one page to check what files need to be reuploaded. Now there are several pages which appear to have new information added.

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Thank you, uyjulian, for keeping this torrent alive all these years.