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Mac G4


I've purchased a Linotype Hell Topaz II Scanner and was advised to buy a Mac G4 with an OS 10.2.8 to run Newcolor, a Linotype Software.

If I find a Mac G4 Dual 1GHZ (Quicksilver I assume), what exact to do to install a 10.2.8 Version?

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All OSX Versions are here. You will need a functioning OSX machine.
Although you can also use Imgburn on a PC.

Download Jaguar. Decompress (just double click in OSX).
Drag the iso into the lower left corner of Apple Disk Utility.
Select the iso.
Burn to CD. Boot CD and install.

You should also be able to just right click on the iso and select "Burn Image to Disk"

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When buying a used Mac, make sure that it comes with a working optical drive. It may help to also check to see if the Scanner's software may work with the OS version the QuickSilver comes with.

Another option, depending on who is selling the Mac, is to ask them to see if they could install 10.2.8 as part of the purchase, w/or w/out an additional fee; it never hurts to ask.

I may be wrong, but this scanner should also work with OS 8.6 and OS 9, if the scanner's output is what you're after. Just throwing that in, in case you need more options as far as the Macs that can help you use it. What kind of projects or work will you be using it for?