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LucasArts Macintosh ports in ScummVM

Through trial and error I discovered something interesting that I wanted to share in the general forum, in relation to the Macintosh versions of LucasArts adventure games. This came about because I was frustrated by the lack of perfect support for some of these titles in Basilisk II, SheepShaver and Mini vMac. Most notable is the improper playback of music audio in Monkey Island 1 and 2 where the MIDI instruments will go out of sync, or stuttering or gaps in the audio will occur at random during gameplay.

So to get to the point, I worked out that in the latest version of ScummVM (1.9), it is possible to emulate the Macintosh versions almost exactly by choosing the following settings:

- Under graphics options, select "Macintosh" rendering
- Under audio options, select "Core Audio"
- Use the "AdvMAME2x" or "AdvMAME3x" graphic filter (depending on your screen size) and make sure you disable aspect ratio correction in full screen mode

The AdvMAME filters are almost exactly the same as the LucasArts EPX algorithm that was used to smooth the graphics in their Macintosh ports.

Note that you do need to use the Macintosh version of the game resource files in order to get the proper Macintosh music, but the Macintosh graphics rendering seems to work even with the PC resource files. That actually means you can also use the Monkey Island "Ultimate Talkie Edition" builders to play the original with Macintosh graphics but with PC MT-32 or digital audio soundtracks and voice, which I thought was pretty cool.

The only thing missing is the Macintosh arrow pointer mouse cursor, but for all intents and purposes the games will look and sound identical to the original Macintosh version. I tested it by making side by side comparisons with installs in Basilisk II and SheepShaver.

The advantage of this approach is you can make maximum use of your screen real estate and bypass all of the speed and sound playback problems that affect the game in Basilisk II and SheepShaver.

Anyway, I hope this might help improve the experience of those trying to re-create their memories of these games on the Mac.