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Looking for wxPython module for MacPython 2.3.3


Im building some apps for Mac OS 9, and I want them to have a GUI made with wxPython.
So now I'm searching far and wide for a Mac OS 9 compiled version of wxPython.

Such a thing seems to have existed, but I can't find a binary anywhere...


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try googling for earlier version #'s than on here (starts at first osx, afaik).

sort of related (but not)
early osx GUI kit :

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Seems like SourceForge only has versions starting from, no earlier. So maybe they do exist, but are or used to be hosted elsewhere, it would seem.

Edit: Yup, bingo, the docs that can be downloaded from SourceForge say the following about wxPython on Mac:

wxMac port

wxMac is a port of wxWindows for the Macintosh OS platform. Currently MacOS 8.6 or higher, MacOS 9.0 or higher and MacOS X 10.0 or higher are supported, although most development effort goes into MacOS X support. wxMac can be compiled both using Apple's developer tools and MetroWerks CodeWarrior in different versions. Support for MacOS 8.X and MacOS 9.X is only available through CodeWarrior. wxMac uses the Carbon API (and optionally the Classic API under MacOS 8.X). You will need wxWindows version 2.3.3 or higher for a stable version of wxMac.

For further information, please see the files in docs/mac in the distribution.


Wait, upon further investigation, I'm confused between wxMac and wxPython, so perhaps the entirety of this post can be disregarded.

If anyone is curious, wxMac (a port of wxWindows, with wxWindows being later renamed to wxWidgets) was said to be compatible both in Carbon and "Toolbox" form for Mac OS 8/9 up until version 2.6, the latest of which was 2.6.4, and its source code can be downloaded in this separate SourceForge page:

As for finding out which version of wxPython can be used with Mac OS 8/9, document-digging of the versions hosted in SourceForge may be required.

Is wxPython something installed on top of wxWidgets? I'm not sure. I'm completely unfamiliar with all of this to be honest. Sick

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wxPython is a python module that calls wxWidgets instead of TK for windowing. I worked on it a bit back when we were first trying to get wxWindows working on Mac OS, but I left the effort before wxMac was complete. RvR was considering replacing TK with wx as the de-facto widget environment for Python, but eventually decided not to, due to licensing and changes required to the layout to make wxWindows work on other platforms.

Even back in the 90s, it was MUCH nicer to do windowing/widget development in for Python, but things didn't work the same as you moved from environment to environment. At least with TK, it looked the same level of crappy everywhere and there were no surprises.

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I use wxPython on Mac OS X for GmailBackup (I think it is obsolete now).