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Looking for the Dave Mathhews Band Busted Stuff mac screensavers

I know that this is a long shot but, I figured I'd try anyway. So, I had an old iMac from 2000 and its hard drive recently completely died on me. I had the 2 screensavers from the old Dave Matthews Band website installed on it but, I never made a copy of them.

I'm currently installing a new hard drive and trying to get everything that I had on the old one installed on the new hard drive. I was wondering if someone has copies of those old Mac screensavers?

The wayback machine has backups of the pc screensavers:


but not the mac files:


Any help/suggestions would be amazing.


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Joined: 2010 May 17

Not sure why it's an "Unpublished post"

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Its not anymore. I don't know why either, but someone will let me know if they do know.