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Looking for an old star-trek like action game for Classic MacOS

It was a 2d game. First you selected your crew from a set of different characters, and they each had certain stats and abilities. You selected 4 crew members, like a pilot, an engineer, maybe a weapons person, and one other (medical?). Then you launched to fight enemies, you had weapons that were very similar to phasers (made a solid line that "followed" the enemies as they moved) and a photon torpedo like weapon. It was a space scrolling action game at that point.

The only other thing I remember about it was the author said that it was his first game (which was hard to believe considering how polished it seemed), and it was written in Pascal. It was a full color game, probably came out around 1995 or so. Anyone remember what I'm talking about?


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I wanna say "Star Trek 25th Anniversary" but that was an adventure game with DOS-like graphics. This sounds like some shareware title.
Hey, it's possible that it's an original work by a first-timer: I was floored to discover Squirrel Kombat was done by a 12 year old.

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Hmm it definitely wasn't an official Star Trek game, just had some similarities. It was primarily an action game but clearly took the cues from star trek- your weapons were phaser-like (it drew a line from your ship to the enemies that followed them as you / they moved, until they exploded from too much damage). Or also a photon torpedo-like weapon. Ahh well, if i could only remember the title Smile

And yes it was a quite impressive game for a supposed first timer.

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I think I remember playing the game you're talking about, I think it was on the MacFormat 23 issue. Don't remember the name though.

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I think it was on the MacFormat 23 issue

From my DiskTracker catalog of all my MacFormat CD's it could be one of:
Space Madness
Space Fight v1.1

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it's not space fight.