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Looking for an old PDware game

Hi Guys,

I am looking for an old Public Domain/shareware game I got from a Mac Users group I used to belong to in the 80's and 90's.

The idea of the game was to buy/sell land, slaves, oxen, horses, grain, manure, hire overseers, and build your empire, and ultimately a pyramid. The game was from the point of view of a scribe, meaning that there was only one screen showing how much of each resource you possessed, including the progression of your crops (fallow, sown, growing, harvest), what you were paying your overseers, the capacity to loan money from a bank at interest etc. There was also the ability to buy/sell contracts of resources which were offered from a menu in the menu bar.

It was nothing to look at, but somehow it completely intrigued me, however I was never able to finish it as shortly after I started to play, I moved out of my parents place, and not possessing a mac of my own, got thrown in the bin by my dad in a clean out Tongue

Unfortunately I have no recollection of the name of the game, but live in hope that someone may recall it.



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A very addictive game.

I have it, but I don't have a licence key, so I can only play on the easy level - it was hard enough to ein anyway.

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Oooh! Any chance of getting a copy? Smile

If it is possible to get it uploaded, I will try to track down a license.