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Looking for an old childhood macintosh game

Hello so I played this game during my childhood but I can't seem to recall the name of it. It was a typing game in which there were 4 players in a canoe/kayak boat and you would race to see who would get first. Basically every time you typed a word correctly the boat would slowly move forward. Any one have an idea what the name of the game is? I remember it being around the same year Read, Write, & Type! was released.


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That's a tough one, shashou. Doesn't ring a bell with me. Sounds like something in the shareware / education section. Did you try downloading shareware cds from around the time and see if you can find it? (you may recognize the name when reading)

Like take a look at the content of this one:

Also any more information would surely be helpful to identify the game in question Smile