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Looking for a game involving bug collecting

I've been trying to find this game for nearly 6 years straight. I remember playing it during elementary, so in the 90s. If I recall, it was for Macintosh (not sure if that was exclusive to Mac). It was aimed at young children (or children at heart).

It had many objects to click on in the background which were interactive. There were various locations to find the various arthropods, such as a kitchen, outside, a swamp and so on. The player would wait for the insects to crawl or fly on the screen in which you would try to click on them in order to catch them before they got away (I don't recall this being a game about killing the insects, my misfortune of searching for this game has shown many unfavorable results of games that involve killing the cutesy crawlies).

There was a scientist involved (I think he may have had an accent, German or similar) and the player had jars to put the collected insects in. Initially, those jars were empty and you could fill them up with what you caught.

Not sure if this was game preinstalled, if it was on a game compilation disc, or a single game. Any assistance would be appreciated!