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Logic audio 6

So it seems a lot of the logic audio copies I've tried on this site are really difficult to get working on my Mac os x 10.2.8 machine and I haven't seen anyone post this but I really be able to use a copy of logic audio 6....problem is this site and Macintosh repository don't have it


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Anything newer than Logic 4.x is uncracked and needs a hardware donge. It's probably the reason why you don't find them here (or at MR for that matter). If you want to use Logic on your Mac OS Classic Mac, use 4.x (4.8.something being the last version), or try finding an old XSKey on eBay. The white key shipped with Logic Pro 7 works with 5.x and 6.x as well. If you're using 10.2.8 you need a XSKey for Logic since 4.x don't work with OSX.