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List of No-CD's I have

post here if you'd like something uploaded:

8th Wonder of the World SN.rtf
[Keygen] Quickbooks Pro
Age of Empires III No CD-No CPU [k].sitx
Age of Mythology No CD.dmg
Alice 1.1.1 No CD.sit
Alice No CD [k].sit
Alice No CD.sit
Aliens vs Predator 1.0.1 [k].sit
Alpha Centauri No CD.sit
AVP2 No CD.sit
Big Bang Chess 2.02 [P].app.sit
Big Race USA patch.sit
BigBang Checkers 2.0.2 [P].app.sit
Billy Frontier™ 1.0 [k'd].sit
Bionicle 1.0 [k'ed].dmg
Black & White 1.1.9 No CD.img.sit
Black & White CI No CD.img.sit
Black & White Data No CD.sit
Board Game Trio NoCDs.sitx
Board Game Trio Risk II 1.0.2 [k'ed].dmg
Board Game Trio Scrabble 1.1 [k'ed].dmg
C&C Generals 1.0.3 [k'ed].dmg
C&C Generals No DVD.dmg
C&CG 1.0.2 No DVD [k'ed].dmg
C&CG Zero Hour No DVD light.toast
Call of Duty - Bypass CD-Key check.txt
Call of Duty - Steps to run a [k'ed] server.txt
Call Of Duty 1.3 [k'ed].dmg
Call of Duty Cheats Mode.txt
Call of Duty II v1.3 No CD [k].dmg
Call of Duty online without valid CD Key.rtfd.sit
Call of Duty Servers cracked full list to play online.txt
Call of Duty SN by keygen.txt
Call of Duty, Bi-Proc optimisation.txt
Call to Power No CD.dmg
Carmageddon 1.0 [P].sit
Carmageddon 2 [P].sit
Ceasar 3[k].sit
Celtic Kings Install [k] + SN.rtf
Championship Manager 4 [k].sit
Chessmaster 9000 1.0 EN [P].app.sit
Chessmaster 9000 1.0.1 En [P].zip
Civ III No CD.img.sit
Close Combat - First to Fight 1.0.1 [P] R2.dmg
Cobalt 564
CoD & UO Patcher 1.1 (1.3 to 1.51c).sit
CoD 2 Serial.txt
CoD Cracker
CoD Patcher
CoD Private Server.dmg
CoD readme.txt
Command & Conquer Generals 1.04 NoDVD.dmg
Commandos 3 1.0.2 [k'ed].dmg
Dark Forces 1.2 No CD.sit
Delta Force Black Hawk Down no DVD.toast
Delta Force Black Hawk Down No DVD.toast.sit
Deus Ex - Virtual CD [k].smi
Deus Ex No CD.img.sit
DFBHD [k'ed] v1.dmg
Dominions II - Playing version 2.02 - Instructions + SN.rtf
Doom 3 1.1b2488 [k'ed] + [k].dmg
Doom v1.3 b2847 UB
Doom3 Fake Image plus [k].dmg
DopeWars 5.3.8 [k].zip
Dungeon Siege No CD + 1.2 NoCD Crack.sit
Dungeon Siege No CD.sit
Elite Force II (Fake CD) CD1.toast.sitx
Enemy Engaged 1.0 [k'ed].dmg
Enigmo 2 Patch
Enigmo 2
Europa Universalis II No CD.dmg
EV-Nova [k].txt
F-A-18 Korea no CD.img.sit
F1 CS 2000 1.0 [k'ed].sit
Finding Nemo No CD.dmg
Ford Racing 2 [k'ed].dmg
Freedom Force No CD.toast.sit
Galactic Battleground 1.1 NO CD.sit
Ghost Master 1.0.1 No CD Patched.sit
Ghost Recon No CD.img.sit
Giants No CD.img.sit
Halo 1.05.3 No CD.toast.sit
Halo Universal No CD +
Harry Potter II No CD.dmg
Harry Potter No CD Patcher.sit
Hearts Of Iron No CD.dmg
Heavy Metal Fakk 2 No CD.sit
Heavy Metal FAKK 2v1.02c [k'ed].dmg
Heroes III No CD.img.sit
Heroes IV Might & Magic 2.2 [k'ed].img
Homeworld 2 1.1.1 [k'ed].dmg
Homeworld 2 No CD.toast.sit
Indiana Jones [P].sit
Indiana Jones ET [K] v2.sit
Indiana Jones ET No CD.image.sit
Islands Mini-Golf 1.0.1 SN.rtf
James Bond 007 NightFire No CD.dmg
James Bond 007 Nightfire SN.txt
Jedi Academy 1.0.1e [k]'
Jedi Academy NoCD.toast.sitx
Jeopardy 2 v1.0 [k'ed].dmg
Knights of the old Republic No DVD.toast.sit
KotoR 1.03c v.2115 [k'ed].dmg
Mahjong Solitarus 1.1 SN.rtf
Master of Orion 3 [P]-1.sit
Master of Orion 3 [P].sit
Max Payne [P].sit
Max Payne No
Maximum Pool No CD.toast.sit
Medal of Honor 1.14 [P].sit
MindRover No CD.sit
MoH - Spearhead No CD.toast.sit
MoH Spearhead 2.15 [P].sit
MoHAA 1.1.2 No CD Patch.sit
MoHAA Breakthrough SN (online).txt
Mohaa spearhead PC cd keys .rtf
Monsters Jr No CD.dmg
MTX MotoTrax F08 [k'ed].dmg
MTX Mototrax No CD.toast
Myst 4 No DVD.cdr.sit
Myth II No CD.img.sit
Nanosaur 2 v 1.0.1 [k].sit
NASCAR 2002 No CD.dmg
NASCAR Racing 2003 Season No CD.dmg
Never Winter Nights No CD.dmg
No Limit Texas Holdem Poker SN.txt
NOLF2 No CD (open with Toast).img.sit
Northland 1.04 No SN Patched.sit
NWN - Hordes Of The Underdark No CD.dmg
NWN - SoU No CD.toast
Onyx 2.5 [k].dmg
Pro-Pinball Big Race USA (latest version) [no cd].sit
Quake 3 Team Arena Key.txt
Railroad Tycoon 3 No CD.toast.sit
Raven Shield 1.0.2 [k'ed].dmg
Raven Shield No CD.dmg
Rayman 3 1.0.2 [k'ed].dmg
Red Faction No CD.img.sit
Rise of Nations Gold No CD.dmg
Risk II No CD.dmg
RTCW 1.33 connect with PC.sit
Rune 1.0 CD [k].sit
Scrabble No CD.smi
Sheep - No CD.dmg
Sheep 1.0.1 No CD Patcher.sit
Shrek 2 (v1.1) no CD [k].zip
Sim City 4•NoCD.dmg
SimCity 3000 No CD.img.sit
SimCity 4 No CD.dmg
SimsCity 4 Rush Hour 1.1 No CD.dmg
SOF II SP 1.03 [k'ed].dmg
Space Colony No CD.dmg
Spartan SN.txt
Spider-Man 2 1.0.0 [P].dmg
Spider-Man 2 1.1 [k].zip
Spider-Man No CD.img.sit
Splinter Cell 1.0 [k'ed].dmg
Splinter Cell No DVD.toast
Splinter Cell No DVD.toast.sit
Spy Kids Mega Mission No CD.dmg
Star Trek Elite Force II [k'ed].dmg
Star Trek Elite Force II No CD.toast.sit
Star Wars - KotoR 1.03 [k'ed].dmg
Star Wars Battlefront No DVD.toast
Star Wars BattleFront SN.txt
Star Wars GB No CD.toast
Star Wars Racer No CD.smi
Starcraft [k].sit
StarWars - KotoR 1.03b v.1639 [k'ed].dmg
Stronghold No CD.smi
The Incredibles No CD.dmg
The Return Of The King - No CD.toast.sitx
The Return Of The King No CD.toast.sit
The Sims
Think Tanks Serial [Ω].rtf
THPS 3 No CD.img.sit
Tomb Raider - IV Chronicles NoCD [P].sit
Tomb Raider 6 AdT Fr SN.rtf
Tony Hawk OSX [P].sit
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 No CD.sit
Total Immersion Racing 1.0 [k].dmg
Total Immersion Racing 1.0.1 [k].sitx
Total Immersion Racing 1.0.2 [k'ed].dmg
Toy Story 2 No CD.smi
Tron 2.0 Keygen.exe.sit
Tropico 2 Install on all machines Instructions.rtfd.sit
Tropico 2 No CD.dmg
Tropico Mucho Macho 1.0.3.[k'ed].dmg
Tropico No CD Patch.sit
True Crime - Streets of LA 1.0 [k'ed].dmg
Undying No CD.img.sit
Unreal Tournament 2004 No DVD.toast.sit
Unreal Tournament 4.0 [P].sit
ut2k4 adrenaline combos.rtf
UT2K4 No CD.toast.sit
Victoria No CD.dmg
Visage Login 1.1 [K]
Wakeboard Unleashed Install [k].sit
Warcraft III [NoCD] Pack.dmg
Warrior Kings 1.0 No CD Patched.sit
WarriorKings 1.02.sit
Wheel of Fortune 2_NoCD.dmg
Wipeout 2097 No CD.sit
WipeOut 2097 v1.3 [k] App only.sit
Worms 3D 1.0.1 [k'ed].dmg
Worms 3D [k].app.sit
Wormsblast No CD.img.sit
X-Plane 6.xx No CD.sit
X-Plane 7 (ISO9660) No CD.dmg
X-Plane 8 No CD.dmg
X2 Wolverine No CD.dmg
X3 Reunion Mac - Crack
XIII 1.0.1 [k'ed].dmg
XPlane 7.5 No CD.img
Zoo Tycoon - Marine Mania No CD.dmg
Zoo Tycoon 2 No CD.toast


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Joined: 2012 Jul 29

That's quite a list.

I'd be very grateful if you could upload the Starcraft, Tropico and Warrior Kings No-CD patches.

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Joined: 2012 Nov 14

Disclaimer: Unless the game is abandonware, you MUST have bought the game to be able to use these patches. It's your decision and responsibility if you ignore this warning. These files are being distributed for historical/educational purposes only. The macintoshgarden and I take no responsibility. Thankyou.

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Joined: 2012 Jul 29

Thank you very much for providing these patches. I'm in your debt.

(I purchased Starcraft in 1999 not long after its Macintosh release; purchased Tropico a few years later, and Warrior Kings in 2003. It's a pity that more games aren't like Master of Orion 2, which did not require the CD in the drive).

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Joined: 2012 Nov 14

hey no worries. pay that debt back to the community and i'll be grateful.
have fun playing those classics. i'm in the same boat, got a tonne of games i bought a while ago, now all i have is scratched discs. that'll learn me.

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Joined: 2013 Feb 7

I dont know which is the right one for me. Could you please up theese 3 Files?

Black & White 1.1.9 No CD.img.sit
Black & White CI No CD.img.sit
Black & White Data No CD.sit

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Joined: 2012 Nov 14

I'm overseas right now. If you can bump this thread in 2 weeks, I will happily oblige.

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Joined: 2013 Jul 4

Hey can u upload these all nocd cracks !!!!!!PLEASE!!!!THANK YOU!!!

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Joined: 2013 Aug 18

Alpha Centauri and Deus Ex, please

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Joined: 2013 Aug 3

Can't you upload XIII with the no cd crack? I just returned from the attick and found my pc copy of the game broken cause of the original (and worthless) packaging...

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Joined: 2013 Jul 4

If u dont mind.......can u please upload all the no cds cracks and patches...I mean all the files.....PLS PLS PLS _/\_

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Joined: 2013 Nov 20

Will you please upload or email C&CG 1.0.2 No DVD [k'ed].dmg TY ; )

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Joined: 2013 Jul 4

Hey can u upload just one game crack...Aliens vs predator...would be grateful ...Thank you Smile

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Joined: 2009 Apr 8

SimCity, The Sims: No (EA stuff) .

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Joined: 2012 Nov 14's

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Joined: 2009 Apr 8

SimCity, The Sims: No (EA stuff) .

(At least, linked from this place).

I saw Sheep patches in your dir. Nice to see them. Smile

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Joined: 2012 Oct 4

I'd be glad, if someone could re-upload it Wink

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Joined: 2010 May 31

What was the Star Wars Racer NO-CD packaged with? I cannot get it to open with Shrinkwrap, Disk Copy, or Stuffit. Thanks for any help offered.

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Joined: 2014 Apr 5

Hi! can you upload the jedi academy no cd please? thanks in advance!

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Joined: 2013 Jul 4

Hey @ carloselvis, I have made a deep research of this game. But none of the no cds of jedi academy work for me.So I downloaded one patch that will run the game without any cd. Just follow my instructions :-
First update your jedi academy to 1.0.1e from :-
After you updated it. go to :-
There is a link of mediafire for Jedi Academy patch that I will provide:-
Just download the file and apply the patch and Done !!. No cd nothing.
Just enjoy the game.
Reply me if this works for you Smile

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Joined: 2014 Apr 5

hi! thank you very much for your time! but the problem i have its that my jedi academy is for intel processor!

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Joined: 2015 Aug 31

Hi, you're a ninja!

I don't suppose you know the archive password for the COD2 no-cd do you? Would like to try it on my iMac that's driveless. Cheers!

Ignore me, found it. To save searching, any that call for a password, it's c4mstw

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Joined: 2015 Aug 31

Got the same issue with Stubbs. There seems to be about 3 different No-CDs for the zombie-em-up (one of my favourite PPC games). It's my last game that I'm stuck having to put the CD in for (can't even img it, it's wise to that, as was COD2).

Prob is that in the link it's been removed. Anyone got a working link to any of the stubbs patches so I can find one that works with my version of the game.


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Joined: 2016 Feb 28


Can someone give me a link to a working Mac ISO for the game Stubbs the Zombie? Cannot find one.

Thanks in advance.

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Joined: 2016 Jul 15

I need the 'no-cd' for Max Payne. Anyone?

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Joined: 2010 Feb 11

I think I used the one on the Max Payne page. Works fine in OS9.

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Joined: 2016 Sep 4

There is no NOCD for updated MOHAA 1.14 and OSX. There are only OS9 Versions Sad

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Joined: 2017 Jan 22

Request? age of mythology no-cd? thanks

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Joined: 2016 Sep 4

Unreal 1.0 or 2.24 still have no "NOCD?"

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Joined: 2015 Apr 28

The link seems to be dead. Can you re-upload?


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Joined: 2013 Jul 4

The Link :'s

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Joined: 2012 Aug 17

I went through and downloaded each file at the MediaFire link. The following files have been blocked:

Splinter.Cell.1.0.Crack.R2.dmg (appears to have a duplicate also)
Tron 2.0 Keygen.exe.sit

As you can see, strings such as "Crack", "Cracked", "NoCD", or "NoDVD" are like bullseyes for anti-piracy robots. A "Keygen" is there, not surprisingly, too. Strings such as "UBCrack", "[k]", or "[ked]" do not seem to get caught. As I ran into more and more blocked files, I became able to predict whether a file was going to be blocked before I even clicked on it. I recommend re-uploading the files above, but with those blacklisted strings replaced with something such as "[k]" instead. Perhaps replace "Keygen" with "KGen" or "Gen".

Also FYI, the following files seem to be duplicates:

Delta Force Black Hawk Down no DVD.toast (better to have compressed one on a server)
Master of Orion 3 [P]-1.sit
The Return of the King - No CD.toast.sitx (just because I'd rather have the .sit)

The "Torrent downloaded from" is pointless, and would attract anti-piracy robots if anything.

Finally, if nil0bject is not around to notice this and re-upload the files, hopefully somebody else can upload them somewhere, with the filename changes mentioned above. Many of these patched files could be critical for preserving the ability to run these games.

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Joined: 2017 Apr 2

OMG would you please upload

C&C Generals 1.0.3 [k'ed].dmg
C&C Generals No DVD.dmg
C&CG 1.0.2 No DVD [k'ed].dmg
C&CG Zero Hour No DVD light.toast

Thank you so much

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Joined: 2017 Apr 21


I was wondering if you could post the Rainbow six: Raven Shield No cd please?

I have been looking over a month and couldnt find one... thanks again!

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Joined: 2017 Jan 18

Could Someone please upload the No CD for Tomb Raider The Angel of Darkness?

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Joined: 2009 Apr 8

If you're referring to Tomb Raider 6 AdT Fr SN.rtf, it's just a text document containing a serial number for the French version (L7CKCT8R8FCXZDG6).

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Joined: 2016 Mar 19

Hi Daxeria

This one is now solved. There's no need to apply a patch to play. The game has to be installed like on my post :

And it will no longer ask for any CD... Thanks however for your endeavour to correcting pages. Smile

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Joined: 2017 May 8

Age of Empires III No CD-No CPU [k].sitx is password protected.
Could you please provide the password?


Daxeria's picture
Joined: 2009 Apr 8

Try this password: msjstw

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Joined: 2015 Jul 1

Would you be willing to make "AVP2 No CD.sit" available? Thanks!!!!

Daxeria's picture
Joined: 2009 Apr 8

I've added it to the AvP2 page.

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Joined: 2017 Jul 5

Can anyone upload a no cd for EU2 & Icewind Dale? Thanks in advance.

Nevermind found them.

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Joined: 2012 Nov 14

Thanks for all the comments, especially NucAr and G4 User.
And as Daxeria and juansolo pointed out, the password will be either `msjstw` or `c4mstw`.

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Joined: 2017 Dec 23


Do you guys have a no cd/dvd patch for Command and Conquer Zero Hour?

Thanks in advance!

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Joined: 2018 Jan 25


Would you mind upload Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hours?


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Joined: 2017 Jan 15


Could upload the NO-CD for Star Wars Battlefront please?


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Joined: 2018 Sep 25

Could you please make a No CD for Star Wars Battlefront?

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Joined: 2010 Oct 30

I upload Stars Wars Battle Front NO DVD. Just mount with toast.

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Joined: 2011 Dec 3

have you tested this, Scott? It does not work for me. That is why I did not put it on the game page when I uploaded the game.

nil0bject's picture
Joined: 2012 Nov 14

re: star wars battlefront

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Joined: 2017 Jan 11

Can u post the "Think Tanks Serial" ?