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I Would like Leopard_10_5_4 Split into Cd Image Parts if possible Having Trouble Downloading in dvd Format to Large 6gb using tenfourfox megaupload Does not allow me getting errors or possible change upload server.


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Um... megaupload is dead already?
There was never a CD version of Leopard.
Or it's that I can't read this horrible english.

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He is asking for the Leopard image to be split into CD sized chunks (part files) so it can be uploaded here. Not that he wants it as a CD.

Please refrain from using snide comments about others writing abilities or lack of.

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Oh, I see now. Mega has some kind of special javascript that decrypts files.
If you have another computer, you could try downloading the file with Chrome or Firefox.
Putting the file into parts on Mega will probably not help because you have to run the javascript anyway.

If downloading through the browser doesn't work, you may have to find another source. Use your search engine on these strings (without quotes):
"ppc bittorrent"

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Also, don't forget there is a hacked disc image available, that is single-layer 4GB. Dunno if that will help you. They took out a lot of languages and all the printer drivers etc., but it does install on real Apple hardware... If you speak English, and don't mind re-downloading the printer drivers from Apple Support Downloads section, then this is a viable alternative.

This won't really help you in your current trouble, but here is the technique of shrinking the installer .dmg to single-layer size.

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I'm really surprised that there are not more "pre-installed/updated" system DMGs out there. This isn't Linux! I have never not been able to restore a premade system from one machine to another. Heck, a while back did an upgrade-install onto a 10.4 PPC image, with NO complications.