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Kineticon 2.0.3 icon animator

Hey Guys,
I'm looking for a serial number for Kineticon 2.0.3. I've looked everywhere and all I can find are 1.7.1 serials. If anyone happens to have one I'd greatly appreciate it if you shared it with me. I used to have the full 1.X version but can't even find that now.

I'm also looking for the "bonus" "kines" (animated icons used by Kineticon) that you got if you purchased the full version (either by downloading on their site or CD). There's supposed to be like 100 that came with it.

By the way I still have a bunch of the "3rd party" Kines that used to be downloadable from their site. There's a few cool animations in there.

For anyone who hasn't seen Kineticon, it's an awesome little application that Animates desktop icons, alert window icons, trash icon and stuff like that. I think it can customize most any icon that appears anywhere in Mac OS. Runs from OS 7.5 to OS9 (I _think_ it's runs on 9).

I've got the shareware version if anyone's interested, it is a pretty cool concept.

Thanks guys!