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Kiki's Typing Adventures (does anyone know this game?)

Hi there,

I've never been able to identify this game I remember playing in school (1997 or 1998) which I thought had been called "Kiki's Typing Adventures." You had to help the main character, a girl named Kiki, by accurately speed-typing her through adventures all over the globe. Most of it involved animals and there was always some story to go along with it; like she'd be rescuing a tiger cub from falling off a cliff in the jungle or something and your mad keyboard skills saved the day.

I'm fairly sure it was black and white, reminiscent of an Apple II game. There were images as well as the stories and game itself (which I honestly don't remember too clearly). I know we had Macs in school, but I swore we had something like OS 7... (maybe those were only in the library, and this was in some computer lab still running old machines? I ramble like this but it might be useful in case it really was an old game being run on OS 7.)

Other folks on the internet have mentioned this title from time to time, but no one seems to have nailed down proof of its existence. I've been scouring educational compliation disks because I'm wondering if it was just one game bundled in amongst others.

Anyone recognize this one? Thanks in advance!


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I've never heard of it nor find it anywhere, but a Google search shows it did exist according to a couple of other people, including this quote in a review of a more modern game called Epistory: Typing Chronicles:

In Elementary School we went to the computer lab to play Kiki’s Typing Adventures. It was designed for kids to practice typing. It was mostly boring and lame.

Maybe you don't want it after all. Smile