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Joined: 2012 Nov 29
Karateka - Broderbund Apple IIg

I used to have Karateka for the Apple IIg clone I had. I miss it - and was bummed that it wasnt on here. Any word on if it is gone for good? (i.e. Broderbund rights?)


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Joined: 2012 Dec 2

Karateka was never made for the Macintosh, which is what this site is focused on. It was made for many other platforms, including the Apple II, which is what you're referring to. There are ways to play Apple II games in your browser (Virtual Apple II for one).

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Macgarden isnt exactly an AppleII site. Smile
Did you look here?

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Joined: 2012 Nov 29

I stand corrected! Another site to bookmark!! Thanks 24bit! Much appreciated!

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I had problems to use the Virtualapple site with Firefox (wants to update all the time) ,
but runs fine with Safari.

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I was having problems with controls not working. I should try Safari - Brain fart that didnt let me think to before. Oops. Why do I use Firefox? Because I need passwords saved for a LOT of different sites - and Safari isnt filling in the user name / passwords for me! Sad